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But when both Silas and Timothy came[a] down from Macedonia, Paul was occupying-himself with the word[b], solemnly-testifying to the Jews that the Christ is Jesus. But while they were opposing and blaspheming, he said to them, having shaken-out his garments, “Your blood be upon your head; I am clean. From now on I will go to the Gentiles”. And having passed on from there, he entered into the house of a certain one worshiping GodTitius Justus by name— whose house was bordering[c] on the synagogue.

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  1. Acts 18:5 At this point Paul wrote 1 Thessalonians (1Thes 3:6). Some think he wrote Galatians during this stay in Corinth (see 14:28).
  2. Acts 18:5 Some manuscripts instead say ‘Paul was compelled by the Spirit’.
  3. Acts 18:7 Or, adjacent to.

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