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23 He stayed there for a while and then left and went through the regions of Galatia and Phrygia [C regions in north central Asia Minor; 16:6]. ·He traveled from town to town in these regions […traveling from place to place; L …passing through sequentially], ·giving strength to [building up; encouraging; 15:41] all the ·followers [disciples].

Apollos in Ephesus and Corinth

24 [L Now; Meanwhile] A Jew named Apollos came to Ephesus. He was ·born in the city [a native] of Alexandria and was ·a good speaker [or a learned man] who ·knew the Scriptures well [L was powerful/competent in the Scriptures]. 25 He had been taught about the ·way [or Way; 9:2] of the Lord and was always ·very excited [enthusiastic; L fervent in spirit] when he spoke and taught ·the truth [L accurately the things] about Jesus. But the only baptism Apollos knew about was the baptism that John [C the Baptist] taught [C baptism of repentance before the ministry of Jesus began; Luke 3].

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