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Paul in Corinth

18 ·Later [L After this] Paul left Athens and went to Corinth [C a city about thirty miles southwest of Athens]. Here he ·met [L found] a Jew named Aquila ·who had been born in [or whose family was from; a native of] the country of Pontus [C a province just south of the Black Sea in northeast Asia Minor]. But Aquila and his wife, Priscilla, had recently moved to Corinth from Italy, because Claudius [C Roman emperor from ad 41–54] commanded that all Jews must leave Rome [C an edict issued in ad 49 because of rioting, perhaps between Jews and Jewish Christians]. Paul ·went to visit [or came in contact with; or approached] Aquila and Priscilla. [L And] Because they were ·tentmakers [or leatherworkers], just as he was, he stayed with them and worked with them.

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