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He explained and showed them that the Messiah[a] had to suffer and rise from the dead: “This very Jesus whom I proclaim to you is the Messiah.”[b]

Some of them were persuaded and began to be associated with Paul and Silas, especially a large crowd of devout Greeks and the wives of many prominent men. But the Jewish leaders[c] became jealous, and they took some contemptible characters who used to hang out in the public square,[d] formed a mob, and started a riot in the city. They attacked Jason’s home and searched it for Paul and Silas in order to bring them out to the people.

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  1. Acts 17:3 Or Christ
  2. Acts 17:3 Or Christ
  3. Acts 17:5 I.e. Judean leaders; lit. the Jews
  4. Acts 17:5 Or in the marketplace

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