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And de according kata to · ho Paul’ s Paulos custom eiōtha, · ho he went eiserchomai to pros them autos and kai for epi three treis Sabbath sabbaton days he reasoned dialegomai with them autos from apo the ho Scriptures graphē, explaining dianoigō and kai demonstrating paratithēmi that hoti it was necessary for dei the ho Messiah Christos to suffer paschō and kai to rise anistēmi from ek the dead nekros, and kai that hoti, “ This houtos one is eimi the ho Messiah Christos, this ho Jesus Iēsous whom hos I egō am proclaiming katangellō to you hymeis.” And kai some tis of ek them autos were persuaded peithō and kai cast prosklēroō their lot with · ho Paul Paulos and kai · ho Silas Silas, · ho both te a great polys number plēthos of devout sebō Greeks Hellēn and te not ou a few oligos of the ho leading prōtos women gynē.

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