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16 Paul went katantaō · de also kai to eis Derbe Derbē and kai to eis Lystra Lystra; and kai there was eimi a certain tis disciple mathētēs there ekei named onoma Timothy Timotheos, the son hyios of a converted pistos Jewish Ioudaios woman gynē, whose father patēr · de was a Greek Hellēn. He hos was well attested martyreō by hypo the ho brothers adelphos at en Lystra Lystra and kai Iconium Ikonion. Paul Paulos wanted thelō Timothy houtos · ho to accompany exerchomai him autos, so kai he took lambanō him and circumcised peritemnō him autos because dia of the ho Jews Ioudaios who ho were eimi in en · ho those ekeinos places topos; for gar they all hapas knew oida that hoti his autos father patēr was hyparchō a Greek Hellēn. · ho As hōs · de they went through diaporeuomai the ho cities polis, they delivered paradidōmi to them autos for observance phylassō the ho decrees dogma that ho had been decided krinō on by hypo the ho apostles apostolos and kai elders presbyteros who ho were in en Jerusalem Hierosolyma. So oun the ho churches ekklēsia were strengthened stereoō in the ho faith pistis, and kai they increased perisseuō in ho number arithmos daily kata hēmera.

And de they went through dierchomai the ho Phrygian Phrygia and kai Galatian Galatikos region chōra, having been prevented kōlyō by hypo the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma from speaking laleō the ho message logos in en · ho Asia Asia. And de when they came erchomai to kata · ho Mysia Mysia, they tried peirazō to go poreuō into eis · ho Bithynia Bithunia, but kai the ho Spirit pneuma of Jesus Iēsous did not ou allow eaō them autos, so de they passed parerchomai through · ho Mysia Mysia and went katabainō down to eis Troas Trōias. And kai a vision horama in dia the ho night nyx appeared horaō to ho Paul Paulos: a tis man anēr of Macedonia Makedōn was eimi standing histēmi there, · kai urging parakaleō him autos and kai saying legō, “ Come diabainō over to eis Macedonia Makedonia and help boētheō us hēmeis!” 10 And de when hōs Paul had seen the ho vision horama, immediately eutheōs we tried zēteō to go exerchomai into eis Macedonia Makedonia, concluding symbibazō that hoti God theos had called proskaleō us hēmeis · ho to preach euangelizō the gospel to them autos.

11 So de, setting anagō sail from apo Troas Trōias, we sailed euthudromeō on a direct course to eis Samothrace Samothrakē, and de on the ho following epeimi day to eis Neapolis neos polis, 12 and kakeithen from there to eis Philippi Philippoi, which hostis is eimi a leading prōtos city polis of that district meris of ho Macedonia Makedonia, a Roman colony kolōnia. We eimi · de remained diatribō in en that houtos · ho city polis for several tis days hēmera. 13 And te on the ho Sabbath sabbaton day hēmera · ho we went exerchomai outside exō the ho gate pylē to para the riverside potamos, where hou we thought nomizō there would be eimi a place of prayer proseuchē, and kai we sat kathizō down and spoke laleō to the ho women gynē who had gathered synerchomai there. 14 And kai a certain tis woman gynē, named onoma Lydia Lydia, a seller porphyropōlis of purple cloths from the city polis of Thyatira Thuateira, a worshipper sebō of · ho God theos, listened akouō; and the ho Lord kyrios opened dianoigō · ho her hos heart kardia to respond prosechō to ho what was said laleō by hypo · ho Paul Paulos. 15 And de when hōs she was baptized baptizō, and kai · ho her autos household oikos as well, she urged parakaleō us, saying legō, “ If ei you have judged krinō me egō to be eimi faithful pistos to the ho Lord kyrios, come eiserchomai to eis · ho my egō house oikos and stay menō.” And kai she prevailed parabiazomai upon us hēmeis.

16 Now de as we hēmeis were going poreuō to eis the ho place of prayer proseuchē, a tis slave paidiskē girl who had echō a spirit pneuma of divination, met hypantaō us hēmeis. She hostis brought parechō great polys profit ergasia to ho her autos masters kyrios by fortune-telling manteuomai. 17 She houtos followed katakoloutheō after · ho Paul Paulos and kai us hēmeis, crying krazō out , saying legō, “ These houtos · ho men anthrōpos are eimi servants of the ho Most High hypsistos God theos, · ho who hostis proclaim katangellō to you hymeis the way hodos of salvation sōtēria.” 18 And de this houtos she kept doing poieō for epi many polys days hēmera. But de Paul Paulos became annoyed diaponeomai, and kai turning epistrephō to the ho spirit pneuma, said legō, “ I charge parangellō you sy in en the name onoma of Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos to come exerchomai out of apo her autos.” And kai it came exerchomai out that ho very autos hour hōra. 19 When her autos owners kyrios saw · de · ho that hoti their autos hope elpis of ho profit ergasia was gone exerchomai, · ho they seized epilambanomai · ho Paul Paulos and kai · ho Silas Silas and dragged them into eis the ho marketplace agora before epi the ho rulers archōn. 20 And kai when they had brought prosagō them autos to the ho magistrates stratēgos, they said legō, “ These houtos · ho men anthrōpos are hyparchō Jews Ioudaios, and they are disturbing ektarassō our hēmeis · ho city polis 21 · kai by advocating katangellō customs ethos that hos are not ou lawful for us hēmeis to accept paradechomai or oude practice poieō, since we are eimi Romans Rhōmaios. 22 · kai The ho crowd ochlos joined synephistēmi in attacking them autos, and kai the ho magistrates stratēgos tore perirēgnymi the ho clothes himation off them autos and gave keleuō orders to beat rhabdizō them with rods . 23 And te when they had laid epitithēmi many polys stripes plēgē on them autos, they threw ballō them into eis prison phylakē, charging parangellō the ho jailer desmophylax to keep tēreō them autos securely asphalōs, 24 who hos, having received lambanō such toioutos a charge parangelia, put ballō them autos into eis the ho inner esōteros prison phylakē and kai fastened asphalizō · ho their autos feet pous in eis the ho stocks xylon.

25 About kata · de · ho midnight mesonyktion Paul Paulos and kai Silas Silas were praying proseuchomai and singing hymneō hymns to · ho God theos, and de the ho prisoners desmios were listening epakroaomai to them autos. 26 Suddenly aphnō · de there was ginomai a violent megas earthquake seismos, so hōste that the ho foundations themelion of the ho prison desmōtērion were shaken saleuō; and de immediately parachrēma all pas the ho doors thura were opened anoigō and kai everyone’ s pas · ho chains desmos were unfastened aniēmi. 27 When the ho jailer desmophylax woke up exypnos · de and kai saw the ho doors thura of the ho prison phylakē standing open anoigō, he drew spaō his ho sword machaira and was about mellō to kill anaireō himself heautou, for he thought nomizō the ho prisoners desmios had escaped ekpheugō. 28 But de Paul Paulos called phōneō out in a loud megas voice phōnē, · ho saying legō, “ Do prassō not mēdeis harm kakos yourself seautou, for gar we are eimi all hapas here enthade.” 29 Then de, calling aiteō for lights phōs, the jailer rushed eispēdaō in and kai trembling with fear entromos he fell prospiptō down before · ho Paul Paulos and kai · ho Silas Silas. 30 Then kai he brought proagō them autos outside exō and asked phēmi, “ Sirs kyrios, what tis must dei I egō do poieō to hina be saved sōzō?” 31 And de they ho said legō, “ Believe pisteuō in epi the ho Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous, and kai you will be saved sōzō, you sy and kai · ho your sy household oikos.” 32 And kai they spoke laleō the ho word logos of the ho Lord kyrios to him autos, along syn with all pas who ho were in en · ho his autos house oikia. 33 And kai taking paralambanō them autos in en that ekeinos · ho hour hōra of the ho night nyx, he washed louō their ho wounds plēgē; then kai he was baptized baptizō at once parachrēma, he autos and kai · ho all pas his autos family. 34 And te when he had brought anagō them autos up into eis his ho house oikos, he set paratithēmi food trapeza before them; and kai he rejoiced agalliaō, having placed his faith pisteuō in ho God theos along with his entire household panoikei.

35 But de when it was ginomai day hēmera, the ho magistrates stratēgos sent apostellō their ho constables rhabdouchos, saying legō, “ Release apolyō · ho those ekeinos men anthrōpos.” 36 And de the ho jailer desmophylax reported apangellō · ho these houtos words logos to pros · ho Paul Paulos, saying, “ The ho magistrates stratēgos have sent apostellō orders to hina release apolyō you . So oun depart exerchomai now nyn and go poreuō in en peace eirēnē.” 37 · ho But de Paul Paulos said phēmi to pros them autos, “ They have beaten derō us hēmeis publicly dēmosios, uncondemned akatakritos, men anthrōpos who are hyparchō Roman Rhōmaios citizens , and have thrown ballō us into eis prison phylakē; and kai now nyn would they send ekballō us hēmeis away ekballō in secret lathrai? No ou indeed alla! They themselves autos must come erchomai and escort exagō us hēmeis out .” 38 The ho constables rhabdouchos reported apangellō · de these houtos words rhēma to the ho magistrates stratēgos. · ho And de they were afraid phobeomai when they heard akouō that hoti they were eimi Roman Rhōmaios citizens . 39 So kai they came erchomai and spoke parakaleō to them autos in a friendly manner ; and kai having taken exagō them out , they asked erōtaō them to leave aperchomai the ho city polis. 40 So de when they had left exerchomai the ho prison phylakē, they went eiserchomai to pros · ho Lydia’ s Lydia house; and kai when they saw the ho brothers adelphos, they encouraged parakaleō them and kai departed exerchomai.

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