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14 It came to pass ginomai · de in en Iconium Ikonion that Paul and Barnabas autos went eiserchomai as kata · ho usual autos into eis the ho synagogue synagōgē of the ho Jews Ioudaios and kai spoke laleō in such houtōs a way that hōste a large polys group plēthos of both te Jews Ioudaios and kai Greeks Hellēn believed pisteuō. But de the ho Jews Ioudaios who did not believe apeitheō stirred epegeirō up and kai embittered kakoō the ho minds psychē of the ho Gentiles ethnos against kata their ho brothers adelphos. So oun they stayed there diatribō for a considerable hikanos time chronos, speaking parrēsiazomai out boldly about epi the ho Lord kyrios, who ho witnessed martyreō to epi the ho message logos of ho his autos grace charis, granting didōmi signs sēmeion and kai wonders teras to be done ginomai through dia · ho their autos hands cheir. But de the ho people plēthos of the ho city polis were divided schizō; while kai some ho sided eimi with syn the ho Jews Ioudaios, others ho · de sided with syn the ho apostles apostolos. When hōs · de there was ginomai an attempt hormē by ho both te Gentiles ethnos and kai Jews Ioudaios along syn with · ho their autos rulers archōn, to mistreat hybrizō them and kai to stone lithoboleō them autos, they became synoraō aware of it and fled katapheugō to eis the ho cities polis of ho Lycaonia Lykaonia, Lystra Lystra and kai Derbe Derbē, and kai to the ho surrounding perichōros region , and kakei there they were eimi preaching euangelizō the good news .

Now kai there was a tis man anēr sitting kathēmai in en Lystra Lystra, whose ho feet pous were useless adynatos, lame chōlos from ek the womb koilia of his autos mother mētēr, who hos had never oudepote walked peripateō. This houtos man listened akouō to · ho Paul Paulos speaking laleō. Looking intently at atenizō him autos, Paul hos · kai saw that hoti he had echō faith pistis to be healed sōzō, 10 and said legō in a loud megas voice phōnē, “ Stand anistēmi upright orthos on epi · ho your sy feet pous.” And kai he jumped hallomai up and kai began to walk peripateō. 11 And te the ho crowds ochlos, seeing what hos Paul Paulos had done poieō, lifted epairō up · ho their autos voices phōnē, saying legō in the dialect Lykaonisti of Lycaonia , “ The ho gods theos have come down katabainō to pros us hēmeis in the likeness homoioō of men anthrōpos!” 12 Barnabas Barnabas they called kaleō · ho Zeus Zeus, · ho and de Paul Paulos, Hermes Hermēs, because epeidē he autos was eimi the ho chief hēgeomai · ho speaker logos. 13 The ho priest hiereus of ho Zeus Zeus, whose ho temple was eimi at pro the entrance to the ho city polis, brought pherō oxen tauros and kai garlands stemma to epi the ho gates pylōn, intending thelō to offer sacrifice thuō along syn with the ho crowds ochlos. 14 But de when the ho apostles apostolos Barnabas Barnabas and kai Paul Paulos heard akouō of it, they tore · ho their autos clothes himation, rushed ekpēdaō out into eis the ho crowd ochlos, and shouted krazō, 15 · kai saying legō, “ Men anēr, why tis are you doing poieō these houtos things ? For we hēmeis too kai are eimi men anthrōpos subject to the same frailties homoiopathēs as you hymeis, bringing euangelizō you hymeis good news to turn away epistrephō from apo these houtos · ho vain mataios things to epi the living zaō God theos, who hos made poieō the ho heaven ouranos and kai the ho earth and kai the ho sea thalassa and kai everything pas · ho in en them autos, 16 who hos in en · ho past paroichomai generations genea allowed eaō all pas the ho nations ethnos to walk poreuō in ho their own autos ways hodos; 17 yet kaitoi he did aphiēmi not ou leave aphiēmi himself autos without witness amartyros, for he did good agathoergeō, giving didōmi you hymeis rains hyetos from heaven ouranothen and kai fruitful karpophoros seasons kairos, filling empiplēmi your hymeis hearts kardia with food trophē and kai gladness euphrosynē.” · ho 18 Even kai saying legō these houtos things , they barely molis restrained katapauō the ho crowds ochlos · ho from offering thuō sacrifice to them autos. 19 But de there came eperchomai Jews Ioudaios from apo Antioch Antiocheia and kai Iconium Ikonion, and kai having persuaded peithō the ho crowd ochlos · kai they stoned lithazō · ho Paul Paulos and dragged syrō him outside exō the ho city polis, thinking nomizō him autos to be dead thnēskō. 20 But de when the ho disciples mathētēs gathered kykloō around him autos, he got anistēmi up and went eiserchomai into eis the ho city polis; and kai on the ho following epaurion day he set exerchomai off with syn · ho Barnabas Barnabas for eis Derbe Derbē.

21 After they had preached euangelizō the good news · ho in that ekeinos city polis and kai made many hikanos disciples mathēteuō, they returned hypostrephō to eis · ho Lystra Lystra, then kai on eis to Iconium Ikonion and kai to eis Antioch Antiocheia, 22 strengthening epistērizō the ho souls psychē of the ho disciples mathētēs, encouraging parakaleō them to continue emmenō in the ho faith pistis, and kai saying, “It is through dia many polys tribulations thlipsis that we hēmeis must dei enter eiserchomai eis the ho kingdom basileia of ho God theos.” 23 And de when they had appointed cheirotoneō elders presbyteros for them autos in kata every church ekklēsia, praying proseuchomai with meta fasting nēsteia, they committed paratithēmi them autos to the ho Lord kyrios in eis whom hos they had believed pisteuō. 24 And kai going dierchomai through · ho Pisidia Pisidia, they came erchomai to eis · ho Pamphylia Pamphylia. 25 And kai when they had spoken laleō the ho word logos in en Perga Pergē, they went katabainō down to eis Attalia Attaleia, 26 and from kakeithen there they sailed apopleō to eis Antioch Antiocheia, where hothen they had been eimi commended paradidōmi to the ho grace charis of ho God theos for eis the ho work ergon that hos they had fulfilled plēroō. 27 And de when they arrived paraginomai, and kai had gathered synagō the ho church ekklēsia together , they reported anangellō all hosos that God theos had done poieō · ho with meta them autos and kai how hoti he had opened anoigō a door thura of faith pistis to the ho Gentiles ethnos. 28 And de they spent diatribō no ou little oligos time chronos there with syn the ho disciples mathētēs.

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