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Acts 13:4-6 The Passion Translation (TPT)

4–5 So Saul and Barnabas, and their assistant Mark (known as John), were directed by the Holy Spirit to go to Seleucia,[a] and from there they sailed to Cyprus.[b] When they arrived at Salamis,[c] they went to the synagogues and preached the manifestation of our Lord.[d] From there they crossed the island as far as Paphos,[e] where they encountered a Jewish false prophet, a sorcerer named Elymas,[f] who also went by the name of “son of Jesus.”[g]


  1. Acts 13:4 Implied in the text. Seleucia (modern-day Samandag) was a coastal city in Syria from which Paul and Barnabas left with John Mark for their first missionary journey in AD 49. Seleucia means “white light.”
  2. Acts 13:4 Cyprus was the home of Barnabas.
  3. Acts 13:4 Salamis is a city on the southeastern coast of Cyprus. Salamis means “in the middle of salty water.”
  4. Acts 13:4 As translated from the Aramaic. The Greek is “the word of God.”
  5. Acts 13:6 Paphos is a city on the southwestern coast of Cyprus. Paphos means “boiling hot.”
  6. Acts 13:6 Or “spiritual advisor.” The Greek word magos is often translated “astrologer.” Although the text does not give us his name, Elymas, until v. 8, it is included here for the sake of the English narrative.
  7. Acts 13:6 Or “Bar-Jesus” (son of Joshua). The Aramaic is “Bar-Shuma.”
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