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So oun they autos, being sent ekpempō out by hypo the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma, went down katerchomai to eis Seleucia Seleukeia, and te from there ekeithen they sailed apopleō to eis Cyprus Kypros. And kai when they arrived ginomai in en Salamis Salamis, they began to proclaim katangellō the ho word logos of ho God theos in en the ho synagogues synagōgē of the ho Jews Ioudaios, and de they also kai had echō John Iōannēs as their assistant hypēretēs. When they had gone dierchomai through · de the ho whole holos island nēsos as achri far as Paphos Paphos, they met heuriskō a certain tis man anēr, a magician magos, a Jewish Ioudaios false pseudoprophētēs prophet named hos onoma Bar-Jesus Bariēsous,

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