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33 that God has fulfilled this promise for us their children, having raised-up[a] Jesus, as it has also been written in the second Psalm: ‘You are My Son. Today I have fathered You’ [Ps 2:7]. 34 And that[b] He raised Him up from the dead as One no longer going to return to decay, He has spoken in this manner [in Isa 55:3]: that ‘I will give You the holy, trustworthy[c] things of [d] David’. 35 Therefore[e] also in another place it says, ‘You will not give[f] Your holy One to see[g] decay’ [Ps 16:10].

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  1. Acts 13:33 That is, brought to Israel, as this word is used in 3:22; or, raised from the dead, as this word is used next in v 34.
  2. Acts 13:34 That is, And as to the fact that.
  3. Acts 13:34 Or, faithful, sure, dependable.
  4. Acts 13:34 That is, promised to.
  5. Acts 13:35 If Messiah permanently fulfills what was promised to David, He cannot decay in the grave as David did. This is why Ps 16 says He will not see decay.
  6. Acts 13:35 That is, permit.
  7. Acts 13:35 That is, experience.