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31 and he hos was seen horaō for epi many polys days hēmera by those ho who had gone synanabainō up with him autos from apo · ho Galilee Galilaia to eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm, who hostis are eimi now nyn his autos witnesses martys to pros the ho people laos. 32 And kai we hēmeis are telling you hymeis the good news euangelizō regarding the ho promise epangelia that was made ginomai to pros the ho fathers patēr, 33 that hoti God theos has fulfilled ekplēroō this houtos · ho for us hēmeis, · ho their autos children teknon, by raising anistēmi Jesus Iēsous; as hōs also kai in en the ho second deuteros Psalm psalmos it is written graphō, · ho You sy are eimi my egō Son hyios; today sēmeron I egō have begotten gennaō you sy.’

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