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13 Now de there were eimi in en Antioch Antiocheia in kata the ho local eimi church ekklēsia prophets prophētēs and kai teachers didaskalos, · ho both te Barnabas Barnabas and kai Simeon Symeōn who ho was called kaleō Niger Niger, · kai Lucius Loukios the ho Cyrenian Kyrēnaios, and te Manaen Manaēn, the foster-brother syntrophos of Herod hērōdēs the ho tetrarch tetraarchēs, and kai Saul Saulos. While they autos were performing leitourgeō their service · de to the ho Lord kyrios and kai fasting nēsteuō, the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma said legō, · ho Set aphorizō apart for me egō · ho Barnabas Barnabas and kai Saul Saulos for eis the ho work ergon to which hos I have called proskaleō them autos.” Then tote after fasting nēsteuō and kai praying proseuchomai · kai they laid epitithēmi their ho hands cheir on them autos and sent apolyō them off .

So oun they autos, being sent ekpempō out by hypo the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma, went down katerchomai to eis Seleucia Seleukeia, and te from there ekeithen they sailed apopleō to eis Cyprus Kypros. And kai when they arrived ginomai in en Salamis Salamis, they began to proclaim katangellō the ho word logos of ho God theos in en the ho synagogues synagōgē of the ho Jews Ioudaios, and de they also kai had echō John Iōannēs as their assistant hypēretēs. When they had gone dierchomai through · de the ho whole holos island nēsos as achri far as Paphos Paphos, they met heuriskō a certain tis man anēr, a magician magos, a Jewish Ioudaios false pseudoprophētēs prophet named hos onoma Bar-Jesus Bariēsous, who hos was eimi with syn the ho proconsul anthypatos Sergius Sergios Paulus Paulos, an intelligent synetos man anēr. This houtos man summoned proskaleō Barnabas Barnabas and kai Saul Saulos and wanted epizēteō to hear akouō the ho word logos of ho God theos. But de Elymas Elymas the ho magician magos ( for gar that is the way houtōs his autos name onoma is translated methermēneuō) · ho opposed anthistēmi them autos, trying zēteō to turn diastrephō the ho proconsul anthypatos away apo from the ho faith pistis. But de Saul Saulos, who ho is also kai Paul Paulos, filled pimplēmi with the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma, looked atenizō intently at eis him autos 10 and said legō, “ O ō man full plērēs of all pas kinds of deceit dolos and kai all pas fraud rhadiourgia, son hyios of the devil diabolos, enemy echthros of all pas righteousness dikaiosynē, will you not ou stop pauō making diastrephō crooked the ho straight paths hodos of the ho Lord kyrios? · ho 11 And kai now nyn, behold idou, the hand cheir of the Lord kyrios is upon epi you sy, and kai you will be eimi blind typhlos, not seeing blepō the ho sun hēlios for achri a time kairos.” And te immediately parachrēma fell piptō upon epi him autos mist achlys and kai darkness skotos, and kai as he went periagō about he sought zēteō someone to lead cheiragōgos him by the hand . 12 Then tote the ho proconsul anthypatos believed pisteuō, when he saw what ho had occurred ginomai, for he was astonished ekplēssō at epi the ho teaching didachē of the ho Lord kyrios.

13 Then de Paul Paulos and those ho with peri him put anagō out to sea from apo · ho Paphos Paphos and came erchomai to eis Perga Pergē of ho Pamphylia Pamphylia. John Iōannēs, however de, left apochōreō them autos and returned hypostrephō to eis Jerusalem Hierosolyma; 14 but de they autos went dierchomai on from apo · ho Perga Pergē and arrived paraginomai at eis Pisidian Pisidia Antioch Antiocheia. · ho · kai On the ho sabbath sabbaton day hēmera they went erchomai into eis the ho synagogue synagōgē · ho and sat kathizō down . 15 After meta · de the ho reading anagnōsis from the ho Law nomos and kai the ho Prophets prophētēs, the ho rulers of the synagogue archisynagōgos sent apostellō a message to pros them autos, saying legō, “ My brothers anēr, if ei there is eimi any tis among en you hymeis with a word logos of encouragement paraklēsis for pros the ho people laos, say legō it.” 16 So de Paul Paulos stood anistēmi up , and kai gesturing kataseiō with his ho hand cheir, said legō, “ Men anēr of Israel Israēlitēs and kai you who ho fear phobeomai · ho God theos, listen akouō: 17 The ho God theos of ho this houtos people laos Israel Israēl chose eklegomai · ho our hēmeis fathers patēr and kai made the ho people laos great hypsoō during en their ho stay paroikia in en the land of Egypt Aigyptos; then kai with meta uplifted hypsēlos arm brachiōn he led exagō them autos out ek of it autos. 18 And kai for chronos about hōs forty tesserakontaetēs years he put tropophoreō up with their autos ways in en the ho wilderness erēmos. 19 · kai After he had destroyed kathaireō seven hepta nations ethnos in en the land of Canaan Chanaan, he gave kataklēronomeō them · ho their autos land as an inheritance . 20 All this took about hōs four hundred tetrakosioi fifty pentēkonta years etos. · kai · kai After meta this houtos he gave didōmi them judges kritēs until heōs Samuel Samouēl the ho prophet prophētēs. 21 Then kakeithen they asked aiteō for a king basileus, and kai God theos gave didōmi them autos · ho · ho Saul Saoul, son hyios of Kish Kis, a man anēr from ek the tribe phylē of Benjamin Beniamin, who ruled forty tesserakonta years etos. 22 · kai After removing methistēmi him autos, he raised egeirō up · ho David Dauid to be eis their autos king basileus, of whom hos · kai he said legō by way of testimony martyreō: ‘ I have found heuriskō in David Dauid the ho son of ho Jesse Iessai a man anēr after kata · ho my egō heart kardia, who hos will do poieō everything pas · ho I egō want thelēma him to.’ 23 It was from apo the ho offspring sperma of this man houtos that · ho God theos according kata to promise epangelia brought agō to ho Israel Israēl a savior sōtēr, Jesus Iēsous. 24 Before pro his autos coming eisodos John Iōannēs had proclaimed prokēryssō · ho a baptism baptisma of repentance metanoia to all pas the ho people laos of Israel Israēl. 25 And de as hōs John Iōannēs was completing plēroō his ho ministry dromos, he said legō repeatedly , ‘ What tis do you suppose hyponoeō me egō to be eimi? I egō am eimi not ou he. But alla behold idou, one is coming erchomai after meta me egō of whom hos I am eimi not ou worthy axios to untie lyō the ho sandals hypodēma for his ho feet pous.’

26  My brothers anēr, sons hyios of the family genos of Abraham Abraam, and kai those ho among en you hymeis who fear phobeomai · ho God theos, it is to us hēmeis that the ho message logos of ho this houtos salvation sōtēria has been sent exapostellō. 27 For gar those ho who live katoikeō in en Jerusalem Ierousalēm and kai · ho their autos rulers archōn, because they did not recognize agnoeō him houtos nor kai understand the ho utterances phōnē of the ho prophets prophētēs, which ho are read anaginōskō every pas Sabbath sabbaton, fulfilled plēroō them by condemning krinō him. 28 And kai though they found heuriskō no mēdeis crime aitia deserving death thanatos, they asked aiteō Pilate Pilatos to have him autos executed anaireō. 29 And de when hōs they had carried teleō out everything pas that ho was written graphō about peri him autos, they took kathaireō him down from apo the ho tree xylon and laid tithēmi him in eis a tomb mnēmeion. 30 · ho But de God theos raised egeirō him autos from ek the dead nekros, 31 and he hos was seen horaō for epi many polys days hēmera by those ho who had gone synanabainō up with him autos from apo · ho Galilee Galilaia to eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm, who hostis are eimi now nyn his autos witnesses martys to pros the ho people laos. 32 And kai we hēmeis are telling you hymeis the good news euangelizō regarding the ho promise epangelia that was made ginomai to pros the ho fathers patēr, 33 that hoti God theos has fulfilled ekplēroō this houtos · ho for us hēmeis, · ho their autos children teknon, by raising anistēmi Jesus Iēsous; as hōs also kai in en the ho second deuteros Psalm psalmos it is written graphō, · ho You sy are eimi my egō Son hyios; today sēmeron I egō have begotten gennaō you sy.’ 34 But de regarding the fact that hoti he has raised anistēmi Jesus autos from ek the dead nekros, no mēketi more about mellō to return hypostrephō to eis corruption diaphthora, thus houtōs he said legō: ‘ I will give didōmi to you hymeis the ho sacred hosios and sure pistos promises made to David Dauid.’ · ho 35 So dioti also kai in en another heteros psalm he says legō, ‘ You will not ou let didōmi · ho your sy Holy hosios One see corruption diaphthora.’ 36 For gar David Dauid, after he had served hypēreteō the ho purpose boulē of ho God theos in his own idios generation genea, fell koimaō asleep and kai was laid prostithēmi with pros · ho his autos fathers patēr and kai saw corruption diaphthora, 37 but de he whom hos · ho God theos raised egeirō up did not ou see corruption diaphthora. 38 Therefore oun let it be eimi known gnōstos to you hymeis, my brothers anēr, that hoti through dia this houtos one forgiveness aphesis of sins hamartia is being proclaimed katangellō to you hymeis; and kai from apo all pas from which hos you could dynamai not ou be set free dikaioō by en the law nomos of Moses Mōysēs, 39 by en this houtos man everyone pas who ho believes pisteuō is set free dikaioō. 40 Take blepō care then oun that what ho was spoken legō in en the ho prophets prophētēs does eperchomai not happen eperchomai to you. 41 ‘Look, you ho scoffers kataphronētēs; · kai be amazed thaumazō and kai perish aphanizō! For hoti I egō am doing ergazomai a work ergon in en · ho your hymeis days hēmera, a work ergon that hos you will not ou mē believe pisteuō, even ean though someone tis should tell ekdiēgeomai you hymeis in detail .’”

42 As they autos went out, · de the people begged parakaleō that these houtos things rhēma be discussed laleō with them autos on eis the ho next metaxy Sabbath sabbaton. · ho 43 And de after the meeting of the ho synagogue synagōgē broke up lyō, many polys · ho Jews Ioudaios and kai · ho devout sebō converts prosēlytos followed akoloutheō · ho Paul Paulos and kai · ho Barnabas Barnabas, who hostis, as they spoke proslaleō with them autos, were persuading peithō them autos to continue prosmenō in the ho grace charis of ho God theos.

44 On the ho · de following erchomai Sabbath sabbaton almost schedon the ho whole pas city polis assembled synagō together to hear akouō the ho word logos of the ho Lord kyrios. 45 But de when the ho Jews Ioudaios saw the ho crowds ochlos, they were filled pimplēmi with jealousy zēlos; and kai blaspheming blasphēmeō, they began to contradict antilegō what ho was being said laleō by hypo Paul Paulos. 46 Both te Paul Paulos and kai Barnabas Barnabas spoke boldly parrēsiazomai · ho · ho and said legō, “ It was eimi necessary anankaios that the ho word logos of ho God theos be spoken laleō first prōton to you hymeis. Since epeidē you reject apōtheō it autos and kai do krinō not ou consider krinō yourselves heautou worthy axios of ho eternal aiōnios life zōē, we are now turning strephō to eis the ho Gentiles ethnos. 47 For gar thus houtōs the ho Lord kyrios has commanded entellō us hēmeis: ‘ I have appointed tithēmi you sy to eis be a light phōs for the Gentiles ethnos, to ho bring eimi salvation sōtēria to heōs the ends eschatos of the ho earth .’” 48 When the ho Gentiles ethnos heard akouō · de this, they began rejoicing chairō and kai glorifying doxazō the ho word logos of the ho Lord kyrios, and kai as hosos many as were eimi appointed tassō to eis eternal aiōnios life zōē believed pisteuō. 49 So de the ho word logos of the ho Lord kyrios was being spread diapherō throughout dia the ho whole holos region chōra. 50 But de the ho Jews Ioudaios incited parotrynō the ho devout sebō women gynē of ho honorable euschēmōn rank and kai the ho leading prōtos men of the ho city polis, and kai they stirred epegeirō up persecution diōgmos against epi · ho Paul Paulos and kai Barnabas Barnabas, and kai drove ekballō them autos out of apo · ho their autos district horion. 51 So de they ho shook ektinassō off the ho dust koniortos from their ho feet pous against epi them autos and went erchomai on to eis Iconium Ikonion. 52 And te the ho disciples mathētēs were filled plēroō with joy chara and kai with the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma.

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