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12 About kata that ekeinos · de · ho time kairos Herod hērōdēs the ho king basileus set epiballō his ho hand cheir to mistreat kakoō some tis · ho belonging apo to the ho church ekklēsia. He had James Iakōbos the ho brother adelphos of John Iōannēs put to death anaireō · de with the sword machaira, and de when he saw that hoti it pleased arestos the ho Jews Ioudaios, he proceeded prostithēmi to arrest syllambanō Peter Petros also kai. This was eimi · de during the ho days hēmera of ho Unleavened azymos Bread . When he had seized piazō him hos, · kai he put tithēmi him in eis prison phylakē, handing paradidōmi him over to four tessares squads tetradion of four soldiers stratiōtēs each to guard phylassō him autos, intending boulomai after meta the ho Passover pascha to bring anagō him autos out to the ho people laos. · ho So oun Peter Petros was kept tēreō in en · ho prison phylakē, but de prayer proseuchē was eimi made ginomai earnestly ektenōs to pros God theos for peri him autos by hypo the ho church ekklēsia. · ho

Now de when hote Herod hērōdēs was about mellō to bring proagō him autos out , · ho on ho that very ekeinos night nyx, Peter Petros was eimi · ho asleep koimaō between metaxy two dyo soldiers stratiōtēs, bound deō with two dyo chains halysis; and te guards phylax before pro the ho door thura were guarding tēreō the ho prison phylakē. And kai behold idou, an angel angelos of the Lord kyrios suddenly appeared ephistēmi, and kai a light phōs shone lampō in en the ho cell oikēma. He struck patassō · de the ho side pleura of ho Peter Petros and woke egeirō him autos, saying legō, “ Get anistēmi up quickly en tachos.” And kai his autos chains halysis fell ekpiptō · ho off ek his ho hands cheir. And de the ho angel angelos said legō to pros him autos, “ Dress zōnnymi yourself and kai put hypodeō on · ho your sy sandals sandalion.” And de he did poieō so houtōs. And kai he said legō to him autos, “ Wrap periballō · ho your sy cloak himation around yourself and kai follow akoloutheō me egō.” And kai he went exerchomai out and followed akoloutheō him, and kai he did not ou know oida that hoti what ho was being done ginomai by dia the ho angel angelos was eimi real alēthēs, but de thought dokeō he was seeing blepō a vision horama. 10 When they had passed dierchomai · de the first prōtos guard phylakē and kai the second deuteros, they came erchomai to epi the ho iron sidērous gate pylē · ho that ho leads pherō into eis the ho city polis, which hostis of its own automatos accord opened anoigō for them autos, and kai they went out exerchomai and went proerchomai down one heis street rhymē, and kai immediately eutheōs the ho angel angelos left aphistēmi him autos. 11 · kai · ho When ginomai Peter Petros came ginomai to en himself heautou, he said legō, “ Now nyn I know oida for certain alēthōs that hoti the ho Lord kyrios has sent exapostellō · ho his autos angel angelos and kai rescued exaireō me egō from ek the hand cheir of Herod hērōdēs and kai from all pas that ho the ho Jewish Ioudaios people laos were expecting prosdokia.” · ho 12 When he realized synoraō this, he went erchomai to epi the ho house oikia of ho Mary Maria, the ho mother mētēr of John Iōannēs whose ho other epikaleō name was Mark Markos, where hou there were eimi many hikanos gathered synathroizō together and kai praying proseuchomai. 13 And de when he autos knocked krouō at the ho door thura of the ho gateway pylōn, a servant girl paidiskē named onoma Rhoda Rhodē came proserchomai to answer hypakouō. 14 · kai When she recognized epiginōskō · ho Peter’ s Petros voice phōnē, · ho because apo of her ho joy chara she did not ou open anoigō the ho gate pylōn, but de ran eistrechō back inside and reported apangellō that Peter Petros was standing histēmi · ho at pro the ho gate pylōn. 15 They ho · de said legō to pros her autos, “ You are out mainomai of your mind .” But de she ho insisted diischurizomai that it was echō so houtōs. They ho · de kept saying legō, “ It is eimi his autos · ho angel angelos!” 16 · ho But de Peter Petros continued epimenō knocking krouō; and de when they opened anoigō, they saw him autos and kai were astonished existēmi. 17 But de Peter motioned kataseiō to them autos with his ho hand cheir to be silent sigaō, and he related diēgeomai how pōs the ho Lord kyrios had brought exagō him autos out ek of the ho prison phylakē. And te he said legō, “ Tell apangellō these things houtos to James Iakōbos and kai to the ho brothers adelphos.” Then kai he departed exerchomai and went poreuō to eis another heteros place topos.

18 Now de when day hēmera came ginomai, there was eimi no ou little oligos commotion tarachos among en the ho soldiers stratiōtēs as to what tis had become ginomai of · ho Peter Petros. 19 And de after Herod hērōdēs searched epizēteō for him autos and kai could not find heuriskō him, he examined anakrinō the ho guards phylax and ordered keleuō them to be executed apagō. Then kai he went katerchomai down from apo · ho Judea Ioudaia to eis Caesarea Kaisareia and stayed diatribō there.

20 Now de Herod was eimi very angry thumomacheō with the Tyrinians Tyrios and kai the Sidonians Sidōnios, and de with one accord homothumadon they came pareimi to pros him autos and kai when they had persuaded peithō Blastus Blastos, who ho was in epi charge of the ho bed-chamber koitōn of the ho king basileus, they asked aiteō for peace eirēnē because dia · ho their autos country’ s chōra food-supply trephō · ho was provided by apo the ho king’ s basilikos country. 21 On an appointed taktos · de day hēmera · ho Herod hērōdēs put endyō on his royal basilikos robes esthēs, · kai sat kathizō down on epi the ho judgment bēma seat , and delivered dēmēgoreō an oration to pros them autos. 22 But de the ho crowd dēmos began to shout epiphōneō, “It is the voice phōnē of a god theos, and kai not ou of a man anthrōpos!” 23 And de immediately parachrēma an angel angelos of kyrios the Lord kyrios struck Herod autos down patassō because anti hos he did not ou give didōmi the ho glory doxa to ho God theos, and kai he was ginomai eaten skōlēkobrōtos by worms and died ekpsychō.

24 But de the ho word logos of ho God theos continued to advance auxanō and kai gain plēthunō adherents . 25 And de Barnabas Barnabas and kai Saul Saulos returned hypostrephō from eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm having completed plēroō their ho mission diakonia, taking symparalambanō with them John Iōannēs, whose ho other name epikaleō was Mark Markos.

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