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37 you yourselves hymeis know oida the account rhēma that ho spread ginomai throughout kata all holos · ho Judea Ioudaia, beginning archō from apo · ho Galilee Galilaia after meta the ho baptism baptisma that hos John Iōannēs proclaimed kēryssō, 38 Jesus Iēsous · ho of apo Nazareth Nazareth, how hōs God theos anointed chriō him autos · ho with the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma and kai with power dynamis; who hos went dierchomai about doing euergeteō good and kai healing iaomai all pas who ho were oppressed katadynasteuō by hypo the ho devil diabolos, because hoti · ho God theos was eimi with meta him autos. 39 And kai we hēmeis are witnesses martys of all pas that hos he did poieō both te in en the ho country chōra of the ho Jews Ioudaios and kai in en Jerusalem Ierousalēm, whom hos also kai they put to death anaireō by hanging kremannymi him on epi a tree xylon.

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