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23 So oun he invited eiskaleomai them autos in and gave xenizō them lodging . On the ho · de next epaurion day he got anistēmi up and set exerchomai out with syn them autos, and kai some tis of the ho brothers adelphos · ho from apo Joppa Ioppē went synerchomai with him autos. 24 And de on the ho following epaurion day they entered eiserchomai · ho Caesarea Kaisareia. · ho · de Cornelius Kornēlios was eimi expecting prosdokaō them autos and had called synkaleō together · ho his autos relatives syngenēs and kai · ho close anankaios friends philos. 25 When hōs · de Peter Petros entered eiserchomai, · ho Cornelius Kornēlios met synantaō him autos · ho and fell piptō at epi his ho feet pous and worshiped proskyneō him.

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