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18 They[a] called out to ask if Simon, known as Peter,[b] was staying there as a guest. 19 While Peter was still thinking seriously about[c] the vision, the Spirit said to him, “Look! Three men are looking for you. 20 But get up,[d] go down, and accompany them without hesitation,[e] because I have sent them.”

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  1. Acts 10:18 tn Grk “and.” Because of the length of the Greek sentence, the conjunction καί (kai) has not been translated here. Instead a new English sentence is begun by supplying the pronoun “they” as the subject of the following verb.
  2. Acts 10:18 tn Grk “Simon, the one called Peter.” This qualification was necessary because the owner of the house was also named Simon (Acts 9:43).
  3. Acts 10:19 tn The translation “think seriously about” for διενθυμέομαι (dienthumeomai) is given in L&N 30.2. Peter was “pondering” the vision (BDAG 244 s.v.).
  4. Acts 10:20 tn Grk “But getting up, go down.” The participle ἀναστάς (anastas) has been translated as a finite verb due to requirements of contemporary English style.
  5. Acts 10:20 tn The term means “without doubting” or “without deliberation.” It is a term of conscience and discernment. In effect, Peter is to listen to them rather than hesitate (BDAG 231 s.v. διακρίνω 6).

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