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Acts 10:9-16 The Passion Translation (TPT)

Peter’s Trance

The next day around noon, as Cornelius’ men were approaching Joppa, Peter went up to the flat roof[a] of the house to pray. 10 He was hungry and wanted to eat, but while lunch was being prepared he fell into a trance and entered into another realm.[b] 11 As the heavenly realm opened up, he saw something resembling a large linen tablecloth that descended from above, being let down to the earth by its four corners. 12 As it floated down he saw that it held many kinds of four-footed animals, reptiles, and wild birds.

13 A voice said to him, “Peter, go and prepare them to be eaten.”

14 Peter replied, “There’s no way I could do that, Lord, for I’ve never eaten anything forbidden or impure according to our Jewish laws.”

15 The voice spoke again. “Nothing is unclean if God declares it to be clean.”[c]

16 The vision was repeated three times.[d] Then suddenly the linen sheet was snatched back up into heaven.


  1. Acts 10:9 This was common when the house was filled with smoke from the cooking fires.
  2. Acts 10:10 The Greek word for “trance” (ekstasis, from which we get the word ecstasy) literally means “to be taken to another place” (state or realm). (See Strong’s Concordance, Gr. 1611.) He was actually taken into another realm as a trance came over him.
  3. Acts 10:15 Or “purified.” The meaning of this spiritual vision is this: God has declared every human being to be of special worth and dignity. The entire world needs the gospel. The four corners of the large tablecloth represent the four corners of the earth. The clean animals represent God’s people, the Jews, and the unclean speak of the non-Jewish nations. This encounter helped Peter understand that God was about to send him off with the men who were at the door of the house, even though their religion had been labeled “unclean.”
  4. Acts 10:16 Peter’s history contains a number of threes. Peter denied he knew Jesus three times, the Lord restored Peter by challenging his love three times, and here we have the vision repeated three times.
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