Manasseh Succeeds Hezekiah

21 (A)Manasseh was twelve years old when he became king, and he reigned fifty-five years in Jerusalem; and his mother’s name was Hephzibah. (B)He did evil in the sight of the Lord, (C)according to the abominations of the nations whom the Lord dispossessed before the sons of Israel. For (D)he rebuilt the high places which Hezekiah his father had destroyed; and (E)he erected altars for Baal and made an [a]Asherah, as Ahab king of Israel had done, and (F)worshiped all the host of heaven and served them. (G)He built altars in the house of the Lord, of which the Lord had said, “(H)In Jerusalem I will put My name.” For he built altars for (I)all the host of heaven in (J)the two courts of the house of the Lord. (K)He made his son pass through the fire, (L)practiced witchcraft and used divination, and dealt with mediums and spiritists. He did much evil in the sight of the Lord provoking Him to anger.

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  1. 2 Kings 21:3 I.e. a wooden symbol of a female deity

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