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And he said to me, “At the beginning of the circle of the earth,[a] before the portals of the world were in place, and before the assembled winds blew, and before the rumblings of thunder sounded, and before the flashes of lightning shone, and before the foundations of paradise were laid, and before the beautiful flowers were seen, and before the powers of movement[b] were established, and before the innumerable hosts of angels were gathered together, and before the heights of the air were lifted up, and before the measures of the firmaments were named, and before the footstool of Zion was established, and before the present years were reckoned; and before the imaginations of those who now sin were estranged, and before those who stored up treasures of faith were sealed— then I planned these things, and they were made through me and not through another, just as the end shall come through me and not through another.”

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  1. 2 Esdras 6:1 The text is uncertain: compare Syr The beginning by the hand of man, but the end by my own hands. For as before the land of the world existed there, and before: Ethiop At first by the Son of Man, and afterwards myself. For before the earth and the lands were created, and before
  2. 2 Esdras 6:3 Or earthquake

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