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2 Timoty 3 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Wen Da World Goin Pau, How Da Peopo Goin Be?

Rememba dis: befo da world goin pau, everybody goin presha out. Peopo ony goin tink dey da mos importan guy. Dey ony goin like get money fo demself. Dey goin like talk big bout demself. Dey goin ack like dey mo betta den da odda peopo. Dey goin talk stink bout odda peopo. Dey no goin do wat dea mudda an fadda tell um. Dey no goin even say “Mahalo” fo notting. Dey goin do any kine agains God. Dey no goin get love an aloha. Dey no goin give chance to nobody. Dey goin like poin finga, no matta dey bulai. Dey no goin stay in charge a demself. Dey goin like see odda peopo suffa. Dey goin hate everyting dass good. Dey goin set up odda peopo. Dey goin do any kine an no tink. Dey goin ack big head. Dey ony goin like wat feel good fo dem, dass why dey no goin like get love an aloha fo God. Dey goin ack like dey real religious peopo, but da way dey live, show dat dea kine religion no mo power.

You gotta stay away from dat kine peopo. Some a dem, dey like make good friends wit da peopo inside one ohana. Some wahines, dey bulai dem an take um from dat ohana. Dose wahines no stay strong inside, cuz dey wen do choke bad kine stuff, an dat bodda dem, but dey no can handle. Dey ony like do any kine how dey like. Dey everytime like listen to any kine teacha, but dey no can figga out wass true.

You rememba wat wen happen Egypt side, dat time da Egypt guys Jannes an Jambres wen try fo go agains Moses, but dey no can. Get guys nowdays, dey da same -- dey everytime tink dey can go agains da stuff dat stay true. Dea tinking all hamajang, az why dey no trus God, an God, he no take dem. But dey no goin bodda plenny peopo -- cuz everybody can see dat dea tinking all hamajang. Jalike how was wit Jannes an Jambres befo time.

Da Last Ting Paul Tell Timoty He Gotta Do

10 But you, Timoty, you not like dem guys dat tinking all hamajang. You stay tight wit me from befo time. You know how I stay teach, how I stay live, an wat I trying fo do, how I stay trus God, how I hang in dea, how I get love an aloha, an how I handle da presha. 11 An you know dat peopo wen give me hard time. I wen suffa plenny Antioch side, an Iconium side, an Lystra side. I wen handle all kine presha, you know, an da Boss, he wen take me outa all dat.

12 An you know wat? Everybody dat like live da way God like, an stay tight wit Godʼs Spesho Guy Jesus Christ, peopo goin make dem suffa. 13 An da bad kine peopo, an da peopo dat bulai, dey goin ack mo an mo worse. Dey goin bulai peopo, but dey ony bulai dea own self, you know.

14 But you, Timoty, you gotta stick wit da stuff you wen learn, dat you gotta make shua odda peopo know um too. Cuz you know da peopo dat wen teach you all dis, an you know how dey stay. 15 From small kid time, you know awready da tings da peopo from befo time wen write inside Godʼs Spesho Book, da Bible. You know dat dis stuff, can make you come smart fo know how fo live, fo get outa da bad kine stuff. Az why gotta trus Godʼs Spesho Guy Jesus Christ, an gotta stay tight wit him. 16 Eh, everyting inside da Bible stay dea, cuz God wen put um inside da guys heads dat wen talk fo him befo time. Dass why everyting inside da Bible, can use um fo teach, an fo show wat stay wrong, an fo help peopo pau do da bad kine stuff an come back an stick wit da good kine stuff, an fo teach peopo fo do wass right. 17 So from dat, da one dat stay all out fo God can get everyting dey need fo do all kine good kine stuff.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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