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Paul Paulos, an apostle apostolos of Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous through dia the will thelēma of God theos according to kata the promise epangelia of life zōē that ho is in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous, to Timothy Timotheos, beloved agapētos son teknon: Grace charis, mercy eleos, peace eirēnē from apo God theos the Father patēr and kai Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous · ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios.

I continually thank charis · ho God theos, whom hos I serve latreuō, as did apo my ancestors progonos, with en a clean katharos conscience syneidēsis, as hōs unceasingly adialeiptos I remember mneia you sy in en · ho my egō prayers deēsis night nyx and kai day hēmera, yearning epipotheō to see you sy, remembering mimnēskomai your sy · ho tears dakryon, so that hina I may be filled with plēroō joy chara, because lambanō I remember hypomnēsis · ho your en sy sincere anypokritos faith pistis, which hostis dwelt enoikeō first prōton in en · ho your sy grandmother mammē Lois Lōis and kai · ho your sy mother mētēr Eunice eunikē, and de I am confident peithō that hoti it is also kai in en you sy. For dia which hos reason aitia I remind anamimnēskō you sy to fan into flame anazōpyreō the ho gift charisma of ho God theos, which hos is eimi in en you sy through dia the ho laying on epithesis of ho my egō hands cheir, for gar God theos did not ou give didōmi us hēmeis · ho a spirit pneuma of fear deilia but alla of power dynamis and kai of love agapē and kai of self-control sōphronismos. Therefore oun do not be ashamed epaischunomai of the ho testimony martyrion concerning ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios nor mēde of me egō · ho his autos prisoner desmios, but alla share in suffering synkakopatheō for the sake of the ho gospel euangelion by kata the power dynamis of God theos, who ho saved sōzō us hēmeis and kai called kaleō us to a holy hagios calling klēsis, not ou because kata of · ho our hēmeis works ergon but alla because of kata his own idios purpose prothesis and kai grace charis, which ho was given didōmi to us hēmeis in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous before pro time chronos eternal aiōnios, 10 but de now nyn has been made known phaneroō through dia the ho appearing epiphaneia of ho our hēmeis Savior sōtēr, Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous, on the one hand men, in order to abolish katargeō · ho death thanatos and , on the other de, to bring to light phōtizō life zōē and kai incorruptibility aphtharsia through dia the ho gospel euangelion, 11 for eis which hos I egō was appointed tithēmi a herald kēryx and kai an apostle apostolos and kai a teacher didaskalos, 12 for dia which hos reason aitia even kai I am suffering paschō these things houtos; but alla I am not ou ashamed epaischunomai, for gar I know oida in whom hos I have trusted pisteuō and kai I am fully convinced peithō that hoti he is eimi able dynatos to guard phylassō · ho my egō deposit parathēkē until eis that ekeinos · ho day hēmera. 13 Hold to echō the pattern hypotypōsis of healthy hygiainō words logos that hos you have heard akouō from para me egō in en the faith pistis and kai the love agapē that ho is in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous. 14 Guard phylassō the ho good kalos deposit parathēkē by dia the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma that ho indwells enoikeō en us hēmeis.

15 You know oida this houtos, that hoti all pas those ho in en Asia Asia have deserted apostrephō me egō, · ho among whom hos are eimi Phygelus Phygelos and kai Hermogenes Hermogenēs. 16 May the ho Lord kyrios grant didōmi mercy eleos to the ho household oikos of Onesiphorus Onēsiphoros, for hoti often pollakis he refreshed anapsychō me egō and kai was epaischunomai not ou ashamed epaischunomai of · ho my egō chain halysis, 17 but alla being ginomai in en Rome Rhōmē, he earnestly spoudaiōs searched zēteō for me egō and kai found heuriskō me. 18 May the ho Lord kyrios grant didōmi him autos to find heuriskō mercy eleos from para the Lord kyrios on en that ekeinos · ho day hēmera. And kai the services hosos he performed diakoneō in en Ephesus Ephesos you sy know ginōskō very well beltiōn.

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