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I solemnly charge diamartyromai you in the presence enōpion of ho God theos and kai Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous, who ho is about mellō to judge krinō the living zaō and kai the dead nekros, and kai by ho his autos appearing epiphaneia and kai by ho his autos kingdom basileia: preach kēryssō the ho word logos. Be prepared ephistēmi when it is opportune eukairōs or inopportune akairōs; confront elenchō, rebuke epitimaō, and exhort parakaleō, with en complete pas patience makrothumia and kai teaching didachē. For gar a time kairos will come eimi when hote they will anechōmai not ou put up with anechōmai · ho healthy hygiainō teaching didaskalia, but alla in accordance with kata · ho their idios own lust epithumia they will heap up episōreuō teachers didaskalos for themselves heautou, having itching knēthō · ho ears akoē,

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