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But de take note of ginōskō this houtos, that hoti in en the last eschatos days hēmera there will be enistēmi difficult chalepos times kairos; for gar the ho people anthrōpos will be eimi lovers of self philautos, lovers of money philargyros, braggarts alazōn, arrogant hyperēphanos, abusive blasphēmos, disobedient apeithēs to parents goneus, ungrateful acharistos, unholy anosios, unloving astorgos, unforgiving aspondos, slanderous diabolos, uncontrolled akratēs, untamed anēmeros, not loving the good aphilagathos, treacherous prodotēs, reckless propetēs, conceited typhoō, loving pleasure philēdonos rather mallon than ē loving God philotheos, having echō the appearance morphōsis of godliness eusebeia · ho but de denying arneomai its autos power dynamis; and so kai avoid apotrepō these people houtos. For gar some of ek these houtos are eimi · ho creeping endynō into eis the ho homes oikia and kai capturing aichmalōtizō weak women gynaikarion who have been burdened sōreuō with sins hamartia, being led astray agō by various poikilos passions epithumia, always pantote learning manthanō and kai never mēdepote being able dynamai to come erchomai to eis a knowledge epignōsis of the truth alētheia. But de just as hos Jannes Iannēs and kai Jambres Iambrēs opposed anthistēmi Moses Mōysēs, so houtōs also kai these men houtos are opposing anthistēmi the ho truth alētheia, men anthrōpos who have been corrupted kataphtheirō in the ho mind nous, worthless adokimos concerning peri the ho faith pistis. But alla they will not ou progress prokoptō very epi far polys; · ho for gar their autos folly anoia will be eimi very clear ekdēlos to all pas, as hōs also kai was ginomai the ho folly of those ekeinos men .

10 But de you sy followed parakoloutheō my egō · ho teaching didaskalia, my ho way of life agōgē, my ho purpose prothesis, my ho faith pistis, my ho patience makrothumia, my ho love agapē, my ho steadfastness hypomonē, 11 my ho persecutions diōgmos, my ho sufferings pathēma, which hoios happened ginomai to me egō in en Antioch Antiocheia, in en Iconium Ikonion, in en Lystra Lystra, which hoios persecutions diōgmos I endured hypopherō, and kai out of ek all pas these the ho Lord kyrios rescued rhyomai me egō. 12 Indeed de also kai all pas · ho wishing thelō to live zaō godly lives eusebōs in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous will be persecuted diōkō, 13 while de wicked ponēros people anthrōpos and kai impostors goēs will advance prokoptō from bad to epi · ho worse cheirōn, deceiving planaō and kai being deceived planaō. 14 But de you sy, remain menō in en what hos you have learned manthanō and kai have been convinced pistoō of , knowing oida from para whom tis you learned manthanō 15 and kai that hoti from apo childhood brephos you have known oida the ho sacred hieros writings gramma, which ho are able dynamai to make you sy wise sophizō for eis salvation sōtēria through dia faith pistis that ho is in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous. 16 All pas Scripture graphē is breathed out by God theopneustos and kai is profitable ōphelimos for pros teaching didaskalia, for pros reproof elegmos, for pros correcting epanorthōsis, for pros training paideia · ho in en righteousness dikaiosynē, 17 so that hina the ho man anthrōpos of ho God theos may be eimi proficient artios, fully equipped exartizō for pros every pas good agathos work ergon.

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