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You sy, then oun, my egō child teknon, be strengthened endynamoō by en the ho grace charis that ho is in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous, and kai what hos you have heard akouō from para me egō in dia the presence of many polys witnesses martys, entrust paratithēmi these things houtos to faithful pistos men anthrōpos, who hostis will eimi also kai be eimi able hikanos to teach didaskō others heteros. Share in suffering synkakopatheō as hōs a good kalos soldier stratiōtēs of Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous. No one oudeis serving in the military gets entangled emplekō in the ho affairs pragmateia of ho daily life bios so that hina he pleases areskō the ho one who enlisted stratologeō him. Likewise kai, if ean · de anyone tis competes as an athlete athleō, he does not ou receive a wreath stephanoō unless ean mē he competes athleō lawfully nomimōs. The ho hardworking kopiaō farmer geōrgos must dei be the first prōton to receive metalambanō the ho fruit karpos. Reflect on noeō what hos I am saying legō, for gar the ho Lord kyrios will give didōmi you sy insight synesis in en all pas this.

Remember mnēmoneuō Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos, risen egeirō from ek the dead nekros, from ek the seed sperma of David Dauid, in accordance with kata · ho my egō gospel euangelion, because of en which hos I am suffering kakopatheō evil even mechri to the point of imprisonment desmos as hōs a serious criminal kakourgos, but alla the ho word logos of ho God theos is not ou bound deō. 10 On account of dia this houtos I am enduring hypomenō all things pas for the sake of dia the ho elect eklektos, that hina they autos also kai may experience tynchanō the salvation sōtēria that ho is in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous with meta eternal aiōnios glory doxa. 11 Trustworthy pistos is the ho saying logos, for gar: “ If ei we died together synapothnēskō, we will also kai live together syzaō. 12 If ei we endure hypomenō, we will also kai reign together symbasileuō. If ei we will deny arneomai Christ, he kakeinos will also deny arneomai us hēmeis. 13 If ei we are faithless apisteō, he ekeinos remains menō faithful pistos, for gar he is dynamai not ou able dynamai to deny arneomai himself heautou.”

14 Remind hypomimnēskō them of these things houtos, solemnly charging diamartyromai them before enōpion · ho God theos not to continue fighting logomacheō about words , which results in epi nothing oudeis beneficial chrēsimos but only in epi the ruin katastrophē of those ho listening akouō. 15 Be diligent spoudazō to present paristēmi yourself seautou before ho God theos as one tried and true dokimos, an unashamed anepaischuntos worker ergatēs, correctly handling orthotomeō the ho word logos of ho truth alētheia. 16 But de shun periistēmi the ho unholy bebēlos chatter kenophōnia, for gar they will advance prokoptō into epi greater polys ungodliness asebeia 17 and kai · ho their autos talk logos will spread nomē like hōs gangrene gangraina, among whom hos are eimi Hymenaeus Hymenaios and kai Philetus Philētos, 18 who hostis have swerved astocheō from peri the ho truth alētheia, saying legō the ho resurrection anastasis has already ēdē occurred ginomai, and kai they are upsetting anatrepō the ho faith pistis of some tis. 19 Nevertheless mentoi, the ho firm stereos foundation themelios of ho God theos stands firm histēmi, having echō · ho this houtos seal sphragis, “The Lord kyrios knew ginōskō those ho who were eimi his autos,” and kai, “ Let everyone pas naming onomazō the ho name onoma of kyrios the Lord kyrios depart aphistēmi from apo unrighteousness adikia.” · ho

20 And de in en a large megas house oikia there are eimi not ou only monon vessels skeuos of gold chrysous and kai silver argyrous but alla also kai of wood xylinos and kai clay ostrakinos, that is kai, some hos for eis honor timē and de others hos for eis dishonor atimia. 21 If ean, therefore oun, someone tis cleanses ekkathairō himself heautou from apo these things houtos, that person will be eimi a vessel skeuos for eis honor timē, having been sanctified hagiazō, useful euchrēstos to the ho master despotēs, prepared hetoimazō for eis every pas good ergon work agathos.

22 · ho So de flee pheugō youthful neōterikos passions epithumia and de pursue diōkō righteousness dikaiosynē, faith pistis, love agapē, peace eirēnē, with meta those ho who call upon epikaleō the ho Lord kyrios out of ek a clean katharos heart kardia. 23 But de avoid paraiteomai the ho foolish mōros and kai uneducated apaideutos speculations zētēsis, knowing oida that hoti they breed gennaō quarrels machē. 24 But de it is necessary dei that a servant of the Lord kyrios not ou be quarrelsome machomai but alla be eimi gentle ēpios to pros all pas, skilled in teaching didaktikos, patient anexikakos even in the midst of evil , 25 in en meekness prautēs instructing paideuō those ho who oppose antidiatithēmi you, if perhaps mēpote God theos might grant didōmi them autos · ho repentance metanoia leading to eis a knowledge epignōsis of the truth alētheia, 26 and kai they might return ananēphō to soberness out of ek the ho snare pagis of the ho devil diabolos ( having been captured alive zōgreō by hypo him autos) in order to eis do · ho his ekeinos will thelēma.

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