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10 but it is now ·shown [revealed; manifested] to us by the ·coming [appearing; manifestation] of our Savior Christ Jesus. He ·destroyed [broke the power of; abolished] death, and through the ·Good News [Gospel] he ·showed us the way to have [L illuminated; brought to light] ·life that cannot be destroyed [immortal life; L life and immortality]. 11 I was ·chosen [appointed] ·to tell that Good News [L a preacher/herald] and to be an apostle and a teacher. 12 I am suffering now ·because I tell the Good News [L for this reason], but I am not ashamed, because I know the One in whom I have ·believed [put my trust/faith]. And I am ·sure [convinced; confident] he is able to ·protect [guard; keep safe] what ·he has trusted me with [or I have entrusted with him; L my deposit/entrustment] until that day [C the final day of judgment and reward].

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