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· ho Finally loipos, brothers adelphos, pray proseuchomai for peri us hēmeis, that hina the ho word logos of the ho Lord kyrios may spread rapidly trechō and kai be honored doxazō, as kathōs in fact kai it was among pros you hymeis. Pray also kai that hina we may be delivered rhyomai from apo · ho unprincipled atopos and kai wicked ponēros men anthrōpos; for gar not ou all pas belong to the ho faith pistis.

But de the ho Lord kyrios is eimi faithful pistos; he hos will establish stērizō you hymeis and kai guard phylassō you from apo the ho evil one ponēros. And de we are confident peithō in en the Lord kyrios regarding epi you hymeis, that hoti · kai you are doing poieō and kai will continue to do poieō the things hos we require parangellō of you.

Now de may the ho Lord kyrios direct kateuthunō your hymeis · ho hearts kardia into eis the ho love agapē of ho God theos and kai into eis the ho endurance hypomonē of ho Christ Christos.

But de we charge parangellō you hymeis, brothers adelphos, in en the name onoma of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos, to stay away stellō from apo any pas brother adelphos who conducts himself peripateō in a disorderly manner ataktōs and kai not according to kata the ho tradition paradosis that hos they received paralambanō from para us hēmeis. For gar you yourselves autos know oida how pōs our hēmeis example should dei be followed mimeomai, because hoti we did not ou lead disorderly lives atakteō among en you hymeis, nor oude did we eat esthiō anyone’ s tis food artos without paying dōrean for it. Instead alla we kept working ergazomai night nyx and kai day hēmera with en toil kopos and kai hardship mochthos, so pros we would not be a burden epibareō to any tis of you hymeis, not ou because hoti we do not ou have echō the right exousia, but alla in order to hina make didōmi ourselves heautou an example typos for you hymeis to eis imitate mimeomai. 10 For gar even kai when hote we were eimi with pros you hymeis, we gave you hymeis this houtos charge parangellō: “ If ei anyone tis is not ou willing thelō to work ergazomai, then he should not mēde eat esthiō.” 11 For gar we hear akouō that some tis among en you hymeis are conducting themselves peripateō in a disorderly manner ataktōs, doing nothing mēdeis themselves ergazomai, but alla meddling in the affairs of others periergazomai. 12 · ho · de Such people toioutos we charge parangellō and kai exhort parakaleō in en the Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos that hina they work ergazomai quietly meta hēsychia and eat esthiō · ho their own heautou food artos. 13 But de you hymeis, brothers adelphos, must not become discouraged in doing what is right kalopoieō.

14 Now de if ei anyone tis does not ou obey hypakouō what ho we hēmeis say logos in dia · ho this houtos letter epistolē, take note sēmeioō of that person and do not associate with him autos, so that hina he will feel ashamed entrepō. 15 · kai Do hēgeomai not regard hēgeomai him as hōs an enemy echthros, but alla admonish noutheteō him as hōs a brother adelphos.

16 Now de may the ho Lord kyrios of ho peace eirēnē himself autos give didōmi you hymeis · ho peace eirēnē always dia pas in en every pas circumstance tropos. The ho Lord kyrios be with meta you hymeis all pas.

17 The ho greeting aspasmos is with ho my own emos hand cheir—Paul’ s Paulos which hos is eimi a mark sēmeion of genuineness in en every pas letter epistolē; so houtōs I write graphō.

18 The ho grace charis of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos be with meta you hymeis all pas.

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