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And kai then tote the ho lawless one anomos will be revealed apokalyptō, whom hos the ho Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous will destroy anaireō with the ho breath pneuma of ho his autos mouth stoma, and kai bring katargeō to an end with the ho splendor epiphaneia of ho his autos coming parousia. The ho coming parousia of the lawless one hos will be eimi according kata to the activity energeia of ho Satan Satanas, with en all pas kinds of false pseudos miracles dynamis, · kai signs sēmeion, and kai wonders teras, 10 and kai with en every pas kind of wicked adikia deception apatē for those ho who are perishing apollymi, because anti hos they did dechomai not ou accept dechomai the ho love agapē of the ho truth alētheia so as eis to be saved sōzō.

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