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21 You have done ·this great thing [L all this greatness] ·because you said you would [L for the sake of your word/promise] and ·because you wanted to [L according to your will/heart], and you have ·let me know about it [made it known to your servant]. 22 This is why you are great, Lord God! There is no one like you. There is no God except you. ·We have heard all this ourselves […that we have ever heard of]! 23 ·There is no nation like [L What other nation/people is like…?] your people Israel. ·They are the only [L What other…?] people on earth ·that God chose [did God choose] to be his own [Gen. 12:1–3]. ·You made your name well known. You did great and wonderful miracles for them […to make a name for himself by doing great and awesome things/miracles/wonders on their behalf?]. You went ahead of them and ·forced [drove] other nations and their gods out of the land. You ·freed [redeemed; ransomed] your people from ·slavery in Egypt [Egypt].

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