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15 So the Lord sent a ·terrible disease [epidemic; pestilence; plague] on Israel. It began in the morning and continued until the ·chosen time to stop [appointed time]. From Dan to Beersheba [C from the far north and the far south of Israel] seventy thousand people died. 16 When the angel raised his ·arm [L hand] toward Jerusalem to destroy it, the Lord ·felt very sorry about the terrible things that had happened [relented about the calamity/disaster]. He said to the angel who was ·destroying [afflicting] the people, “That is enough! ·Put down [Stay; Withdraw] your ·arm [L hand]!” The angel of the Lord was ·then [at that moment] by the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite.

17 When David saw the angel that ·killed [L was striking down/ravaging] the people, he said to the Lord, “I am the one who sinned and did wrong. ·These people only followed me like sheep. They did nothing wrong [L What have these sheep done?]. Please ·punish me and my family [L let your hand fall on me and my father’s house].”

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