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16 as hōs · kai he does in en all pas his letters epistolē, speaking laleō in en them autos of peri these matters houtos, in en which hos are eimi some things tis hard to understand dysnoētos, things that hos the ho ignorant amathēs and kai unstable astēriktos distort strebloō to pros their autos own idios destruction apōleia, as hōs · kai they do the ho other loipos scriptures graphē. · ho

17 You hymeis therefore oun, dear friends agapētos, knowing this beforehand proginōskō, be on your guard phylassō that hina you are synapagō not led astray synapagō by the ho error planē of these ho lawless athesmos people and fall ekpiptō from ho your idios stable position stērigmos. 18 But de grow auxanō in en the grace charis and kai knowledge gnōsis of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios and kai Savior sōtēr Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos. To him autos be the ho glory doxa both kai now nyn and kai in eis the eternal aiōn day hēmera. Amen amēn.

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