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By July 18 in the eleventh year of Zedekiah’s reign,[a] the famine in the city had become very severe, and the last of the food was entirely gone. Then a section of the city wall was broken down. Since the city was surrounded by the Babylonians,[b] the soldiers waited for nightfall and escaped[c] through the gate between the two walls behind the king’s garden. Then they headed toward the Jordan Valley.[d]

But the Babylonian[e] troops chased the king and overtook him on the plains of Jericho, for his men had all deserted him and scattered.

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  1. 25:3 Hebrew By the ninth day of the [fourth] month [in the eleventh year of Zedekiah’s reign] (compare Jer 39:2; 52:6 and the notes there). This day was July 18, 586 B.c.; also see note on 25:1.
  2. 25:4a Or the Chaldeans; also in 25:13, 25, 26.
  3. 25:4b As in Greek version (see also Jer 39:4; 52:7); Hebrew lacks escaped.
  4. 25:4c Hebrew the Arabah.
  5. 25:5 Or Chaldean; also in 25:10, 24.