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2 Kings 19:25-27 New English Translation (NET Bible)

25 [a] Certainly you must have heard![b]
Long ago I worked it out.
In ancient times I planned[c] it;
and now I am bringing it to pass.
The plan is this:
Fortified cities will crash
into heaps of ruins.[d]
26 Their residents are powerless,[e]
they are terrified and ashamed.
They are as short-lived as plants in the field,
or green vegetation.[f]
They are as short-lived as grass on the rooftops[g]
when it is scorched by the east wind.[h]
27 I know where you live
and everything you do.[i]


  1. 2 Kings 19:25 tn Having quoted the Assyrian king’s arrogant words in vv. 23-24, the Lord now speaks to the king.
  2. 2 Kings 19:25 tn Heb “Have you not heard?” The rhetorical question expresses the Lord’s amazement that anyone might be ignorant of what he is about to say.
  3. 2 Kings 19:25 tn Heb “formed.”
  4. 2 Kings 19:25 tn Heb “and it is to cause to crash into heaps of ruins fortified cities.” The subject of the third feminine singular verb תְּהִי (tehi) is the implied plan, referred to in the preceding lines with third feminine singular pronominal suffixes.
  5. 2 Kings 19:26 tn Heb “short of hand.”
  6. 2 Kings 19:26 tn Heb “they are plants in the field and green vegetation.” The metaphor emphasizes how short-lived these seemingly powerful cities really were. See Ps 90:5-6; Isa 40:6-8, 24.
  7. 2 Kings 19:26 tn Heb “[they are] grass on the rooftops.” See the preceding note.
  8. 2 Kings 19:26 tc The Hebrew text has “scorched before the standing grain” (perhaps meaning “before it reaches maturity”), but it is preferable to emend קָמָה (qamah), “standing grain,” to קָדִים (qadim), “east wind” (with the support of 1Q Isaa in Isa 37:27).
  9. 2 Kings 19:27 tc Heb “your going out and your coming in.” The MT also has here, “and how you have raged against me.” However, this line is probably dittographic (note the beginning of the next line).
New English Translation (NET)

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