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Nevertheless they departed not from the sins of the house of Jeroboam, that made Israel to do sin; but they went in those sins; soothly also the [maumet] wood dwelled in Samaria (and also the idol grove/the sacred pole remained in Samaria).

And to Jehoahaz were not left of the people, but five hundred knights, and ten chariots, and ten thousand of footmen (And there were left of the people to Jehoahaz, but five hundred horsemen, and ten chariots, and ten thousand footmen); for the king of Syria had slain them, and had driven them [down] as into powder in the threshing of a cornfloor.

Forsooth the residue of [the] words of Jehoahaz, and all things that he did, and the strength of him, whether these be not written in the book of [the] words of [the] days of the kings of Israel?

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