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Thus de as coworkers synergeō with him, · kai we urge parakaleō you hymeis not to receive dechomai the ho grace charis of ho God theos in eis vain kenos. For gar he says legō, “ In the time kairos of my favor dektos I heard epakouō you sy, · kai in en the day hēmera of salvation sōtēria I helped boētheō you sy.” Behold idou, now nyn is the acceptable euprosdektos time kairos; behold idou, now nyn is the day hēmera of salvation sōtēria! We do didōmi not mēdeis put didōmi a stumbling block proskopē in en anyone’ s mēdeis way , so that hina our ho ministry diakonia may not be faulted mōmaomai. Rather alla, as hōs servants diakonos of God theos, we commend synistēmi ourselves heautou in en every pas way : in en great polys endurance hypomonē, in en times of affliction thlipsis, hardship anankē, and distress stenochōria; in en beatings plēgē, in en imprisonments phylakē, in en riots akatastasia, in en labors kopos, in en times of sleeplessness agrypnia and hunger nēsteia; by en purity hagnotēs, by en knowledge gnōsis, by en patience makrothumia, by en kindness chrēstotēs, by en the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma, by en sincere anypokritos love agapē; by en the word logos of truth alētheia, by en the power dynamis of God theos; with dia the ho weapons hoplon of ho righteousness dikaiosynē both for the ho right dexios hand and kai for the left aristeros; through dia glory doxa and kai dishonor atimia, through dia slander dysphēmia and kai praise euphēmia; as hōs deceivers planos, and kai yet true alēthēs men ; as hōs unknown agnoeō, and kai yet well-known epiginōskō; as hōs dying apothnēskō, and kai yet look idou!— we continue to live zaō; as hōs scourged paideuō, and kai yet not killed thanatoō; 10 as hōs sorrowing lypeō, yet de always aei rejoicing chairō; as hōs poor ptōchos, yet de making many polys rich ploutizō; as hōs having echō nothing mēdeis, and kai yet possessing katechō everything pas. 11 We have opened anoigō · ho our hēmeis mouth stoma freely to pros you hymeis, Corinthians Korinthios; · ho our hēmeis heart kardia has been opened wide platynō. 12 We are not ou withholding stenochōreō our hēmeis affection splanchnon from you , but de you are withholding stenochōreō yours hymeis from us. · ho 13 · ho Now de as a fair autos exchange antimisthia I speak legō as hōs to children teknon open wide platynō your hymeis hearts to us also kai.

14 Do not be ginomai unevenly yoked heterozygeō with unbelievers apistos; for gar what tis is there in common metochē between righteousness dikaiosynē and kai lawlessness anomia? Or ē what tis fellowship koinōnia has light phōs with pros darkness skotos? 15 What tis · de harmony symphōnēsis is there between pros Christ Christos and Belial Beliar? Or ē what tis does a believer pistos have in common meris with meta an unbeliever apistos? 16 What tis · de agreement synkatathesis can the temple naos of God theos have with meta idols eidōlon? For gar we hēmeis are eimi the temple naos of the living zaō God theos; just as kathōs God theos said legō: · ho I will dwell enoikeō in en their autos midst and kai walk emperipateō among them; · kai I will be eimi their autos God theos and kai they autos will be eimi my egō people laos.” 17 Therefore dio, “ come out exerchomai from ek their autos midst mesos and kai be separate aphorizō,” says legō the Lord kyrios, and kai touch haptō no unclean akathartos thing ; then I kagō will receive eisdechomai you hymeis, 18 and kai I will be eimi a father patēr to you hymeis, and kai you hymeis will be eimi sons hyios and kai daughters thugatēr to me egō,” says legō the Lord kyrios Almighty pantokratōr.