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We want you hymeis to know gnōrizō, · de brothers adelphos, about the ho grace charis of ho God theos · ho shown didōmi among en the ho churches ekklēsia of ho Macedonia Makedonia, how that hoti in en a severe polys test dokimē of affliction thlipsis, the ho fullness perisseia of ho their autos joy chara and kai · ho their autos extreme kata bathos poverty ptōcheia have overflowed perisseuō in eis the ho richness ploutos of ho their autos generosity haplotēs. For hoti—as I can testify martyreō—they gave according to kata their means dynamis, and kai even beyond para their means dynamis; acting spontaneously authairetos, begging deomai us hēmeis with meta great polys insistence paraklēsis for the ho privilege charis of · kai · ho joining koinōnia in this ho ministry diakonia · ho to eis the ho saints hagios. And kai they did this, not ou simply as kathōs we had hoped elpizō, but alla first prōton they gave didōmi themselves heautou to the ho Lord kyrios and kai then to us hēmeis, by dia the will thelēma of God theos. So eis we hēmeis urged parakaleō Titus Titos that hina just as kathōs he had previously begun the work proenarchomai, so houtōs now kai he should complete epiteleō this houtos act of kindness charis among eis you hymeis. · kai · ho

But alla as hōsper you excel perisseuō in en everything pas in faith pistis, · kai in speech logos, · kai in knowledge gnōsis, · kai in all pas eagerness spoudē, and kai in the ho love agapē we hēmeis have aroused ek in en you hymeis—make sure that hina · kai you excel perisseuō in en this houtos · ho act of kindness charis. I am legō not ou saying legō this as kata an order epitagē, but alla as a way of testing dokimazō the ho genuineness gnēsios of ho your hymeteros love agapē by comparison dia with the ho eagerness spoudē of others heteros. · kai For gar you know ginōskō the ho grace charis of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos, that hoti though he was eimi rich plousios, yet for dia your hymeis sakes he became poor ptōcheuō, so that hina you hymeis by ho his ekeinos poverty ptōcheia might become rich plouteō. 10 And kai in en this matter houtos I am giving didōmi my opinion gnōmē; for gar this houtos is beneficial sympherō for you hymeis, who hostis last year perysi not ou only monon began proenarchomai to do poieō this work but alla also kai to desire thelō to do it. 11 So de now nyni · kai finish epiteleō doing poieō it, so that hopōs your ho readiness prothumia in desiring thelō it may be matched houtōs · kai by your completing epiteleō it, as ek your means allow echō. 12 For gar if ei the ho readiness prothumia is present prokeimai, the gift is acceptable euprosdektos according katho to whatever ean a person has echō, not ou according to katho what he does not ou have echō. 13 For gar this is not ou for hina the ease anesis of others allos and a burden thlipsis for you hymeis, but alla a matter of ek equality isotēs; 14 at en the ho present nyn time kairos · ho your hymeis abundance perisseuma should supply eis what ho they ekeinos need hysterēma, so that hina then kai · ho their ekeinos abundance perisseuma may ginomai supply eis · ho your hymeis need hysterēma; in this way hopōs there will be ginomai equality isotēs. 15 As kathōs it is written graphō, “ The ho one who gathered · ho much polys did not ou have a surplus pleonazō, and kai the ho one who gathered · ho little oligos did not ou have too little elattoneō.”

16 But de thanks charis be to ho God theos who ho put didōmi the ho same autos eagerness spoudē on hyper your hymeis behalf in en the ho heart kardia of Titus Titos, 17 because hoti he dechomai not only men accepted dechomai our ho request paraklēsis, but de being very eager spoudaios and acting hyparchō on his own initiative authairetos, he is on his way exerchomai to pros you hymeis. 18 And de we sent along sympempō with meta him autos the ho brother adelphos who hos is · ho highly respected epainos throughout dia all pas the ho churches ekklēsia for his work in en the ho gospel euangelion. 19 And de not ou only monon this, but alla · kai he has been appointed cheirotoneō by hypo the ho churches ekklēsia to be our hēmeis traveling companion synekdēmos as we hēmeis carry out diakoneō · ho this houtos act of kindness charis · ho for pros the ho glory doxa of the ho Lord kyrios himself autos, and kai to show our hēmeis readiness prothumia. 20 We are taking this houtos precaution stellō so that no one tis should blame mōmaomai us hēmeis for the way we hēmeis are administering diakoneō · ho this houtos generous gift hadrotēs, · ho 21 for gar we are concerned pronoeō to do what is right kalos, not ou only monon before enōpion the Lord kyrios but alla also kai before enōpion men anthrōpos.

22 And de we are sending along with sympempō them autos · ho our hēmeis brother adelphos whom hos we have often pollakis tested dokimazō in en many polys matters and found to be eimi eager spoudaios, and de now nyni he is all polys the more eager spoudaios because of his great polys confidence pepoithēsis · ho in eis you hymeis. 23 As eite for hyper Titus Titos, he is my emos companion koinōnos and kai fellow worker synergos among eis you hymeis. As eite for our hēmeis brothers adelphos, they are delegates apostolos of the churches ekklēsia, an honor doxa to Christ Christos. 24 Therefore oun show endeiknymi them autos openly endeiknymi before prosōpon the ho churches ekklēsia the ho proof endeixis of ho your hymeis love agapē and kai the reason for our hēmeis pride kauchēsis in hyper you hymeis.

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