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Since echō then oun we have echō these houtos · ho promises epangelia, dear friends agapētos, let us cleanse katharizō ourselves heautou from apo every pas defilement molysmos of flesh sarx and kai spirit pneuma, perfecting epiteleō holiness hagiōsynē in en the fear phobos of God theos.

Make room chōreō for us hēmeis in your hearts; we have wronged adikeō no one oudeis, we have corrupted phtheirō no one oudeis, we have taken advantage of pleonekteō no one oudeis. I do legō not ou say legō this to pros condemn katakrisis you, for gar I have said previously that hoti you are eimi in en · ho our hēmeis hearts kardia; thus eis we live syzaō and kai die synapothnēskō together . I egō have great polys confidence parrēsia in pros you hymeis; I egō take great polys pride kauchēsis in hyper you hymeis. I am filled plēroō with ho encouragement paraklēsis; I am overflowing hyperperisseuō with ho joy chara in epi all pas · ho our hēmeis distress thlipsis.

For gar even kai when we hēmeis came erchomai to eis Macedonia Makedonia, our hēmeis bodies sarx had echō no oudeis rest anesis, · ho but alla on en all pas sides we were distressed thlibō from the outside exōthen came conflicts machē, from within esōthen there were fears phobos. But alla God theos, who ho encourages parakaleō the ho downcast tapeinos, encouraged parakaleō us hēmeis · ho with en the ho arrival parousia of Titus Titos. And de not ou only monon by en · ho his autos arrival parousia but alla also kai by en the ho encouragement paraklēsis with which hos he was encouraged parakaleō by epi you hymeis, as he reported anangellō to us hēmeis · ho your hymeis strong affection epipothēsis, · ho your hymeis deep sorrow odyrmos, · ho your hymeis ardent concern zēlos for hyper me egō, so that hōste I egō rejoiced chairō more mallon than ever . For hoti even kai if ei I made you hymeis sad lypeō by en my ho letter epistolē, I do not ou regret metamelomai it. Even kai if ei I did regret metamelomai it— for gar I see blepō that hoti · ho that ekeinos letter epistolē did make lypeō you hymeis sad lypeō, though ei only kai for pros a short time hōra now nyn I rejoice chairō, not ou because hoti you were made sad lypeō, but alla because hoti your sadness lypeō led to eis repentance metanoia; for gar you were made sad lypeō as kata God theos intended, so that hina in en nothing mēdeis you suffered loss by ek us hēmeis. 10 · ho For gar sadness lypē as intended kata by God theos produces ergazomai a repentance metanoia that leads to eis salvation sōtēria, leaving no regret ametamelētos; · ho but de · ho worldly kosmos sadness lypē produces katergazomai death thanatos. 11 For gar see idou what posos eagerness spoudē this houtos very autos thing this ho sadness lypeō as kata God theos intended— has produced katergazomai in you hymeis; what alla defense apologia of yourselves, what alla indignation aganaktēsis, what alla alarm phobos, what alla longing epipothēsis, what alla deep concern zēlos, what alla punishment ekdikēsis! In en everything pas you have proved synistēmi yourselves heautou to be eimi innocent hagnos in this ho matter pragma. 12 So then ara, even kai though ei I wrote graphō to you hymeis, it was not ou on account of the ho offender adikeō, nor oude on account of the ho one offended adikeō, but alla that your hymeis earnestness spoudē toward hyper us hēmeis might be revealed phaneroō · ho · ho to pros you hymeis in the sight enōpion of ho God theos. 13 Because of dia this houtos we are encouraged parakaleō. And de in addition epi to ho our own hēmeis encouragement paraklēsis, we rejoiced chairō more mallon than ever perissoterōs at epi the ho joy chara of Titus Titos, because hoti his autos spirit pneuma has been refreshed anapauō · ho by apo all pas of you hymeis. 14 For hoti if ei I have boasted kauchaomai to him autos about kauchaomai anything tis regarding hyper you hymeis, I have not ou been embarrassed kataischunō, but alla just as hōs everything pas we said laleō to you hymeis was true en alētheia, so houtōs also kai · ho our hēmeis boast kauchēsis · ho to epi Titus Titos about you has proved ginomai true alētheia. 15 And kai · ho his autos affection splanchnon for eis you hymeis is eimi even greater perissoterōs when he recalls anamimnēskō the ho obedience hypakoē of you hymeis all pas, how hōs with meta fear phobos and kai trembling tromos you welcomed dechomai him autos. 16 I rejoice chairō because hoti in en everything pas I have complete confidence tharreō in en you hymeis.

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