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16 So dio we are not ou discouraged, but alla even kai if ei · ho our hēmeis outward exō man anthrōpos is wasting away diaphtheirō, · ho our hēmeis inward esō man is being renewed anakainoō day hēmera by kai day hēmera. 17 · ho For gar our hēmeis momentary parautika lightness elaphros of ho affliction thlipsis is producing katergazomai for us hēmeis an eternal aiōnios weight baros of glory doxa far kata beyond hyperbolē all eis comparison hyperbolē, 18 as skopeō we hēmeis look skopeō not on skopeō what ho can be seen blepō, but alla on the ho unseen mē blepō; for gar what ho can be seen blepō is temporary proskairos, but de what ho cannot be seen blepō is eternal aiōnios.

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