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Not ou that hoti we are eimi adequate hikanos in apo ourselves heautou to consider logizomai anything tis as hōs coming from ek us heautou, but alla · ho our hēmeis adequacy hikanotēs comes from ek · ho God theos, who hos indeed kai made us hēmeis adequate hikanoō as servants diakonos of a new kainos covenant diathēkē, based not ou on the letter gramma but alla on the Spirit pneuma; for gar the ho letter gramma kills apokteinō, but de the ho Spirit pneuma imparts life zōiopoieō.

Now de if ei the ho ministry diakonia of ho death thanatos, engraved entypoō in en letters gramma on stones lithos, came ginomai with en such glory doxa that hōste the ho Israelites hyios were unable to gaze steadily atenizō into eis the ho face prosōpon of Moses Mōysēs due dia to the ho glory doxa of ho his autos face prosōpon, fading as it ho was katargeō,

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