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So gar I decided krinō this houtos within myself emautou, not to come erchomai to pros you hymeis again palin with en sorrow lypē. For gar if ei I egō cause you hymeis sorrow lypeō, then kai who tis is there ho to make me egō glad euphrainō except ei mē the ho one made sorrowful lypeō by ek me egō? And kai I wrote graphō this houtos very thing autos so that hina when I came erchomai, I would echō not have echō sorrow lypē from apo those hos who ought dei to make me egō rejoice chairō, having confidence peithō in epi you hymeis all pas that hoti · ho my emos joy chara would be eimi the joy of you hymeis all pas. For gar out ek of much polys distress thlipsis and kai anguish synochē of heart kardia I wrote graphō to you hymeis, with dia many polys tears dakryon, not ou to hina cause you sorrow lypeō but alla to hina let you know ginōskō the ho love agapē that hos I have echō especially perissoterōs for eis you hymeis. But de if ei anyone tis has caused sorrow lypeō, he has caused sorrow lypeō not ou for me egō, but alla in apo some measure meros not to hina overstate the case epibareō—for all pas of you hymeis. This houtos punishment epitimia on ho such a person toioutos · ho · ho by hypo the ho majority polys is enough hikanos for him, so that hōste you hymeis should rather mallon forgive charizomai and kai console parakaleō him, lest mē pōs he toioutos be swallowed up katapinō by ho excessive perissoteros sorrow lypē. · ho So dio I urge parakaleō you hymeis to show that your love agapē for eis him autos is real kyroō. For eis this houtos reason also kai I wrote graphō you: to hina discover ginōskō whether you hymeis could · ho stand the test dokimē if ei in eis everything pas you are eimi obedient hypēkoos. 10 Now de the one to whom hos you forgive charizomai anything tis, I also kagō do the same; for gar indeed kai, what hos I egō have forgiven charizomai if ei I have forgiven charizomai anything tis—I did so for dia your hymeis benefit in en the presence prosōpon of Christ Christos, 11 lest hina mē we be taken advantage pleonekteō of by hypo · ho Satan Satanas; for gar we are agnoeō not ou unaware of agnoeō his autos · ho intentions noēma.

12 When I came erchomai · de to eis · ho Troas Trōias to eis proclaim the ho gospel euangelion of ho Christ Christos, even kai though anoigō a door thura had been opened anoigō for me egō by en the Lord kyrios, 13 I had echō no ou relief anesis for ho my egō spirit pneuma, · ho because I egō could not find heuriskō my egō brother adelphos Titus Titos · ho there. So alla I said good-bye apotassō to them autos and went exerchomai on to eis Macedonia Makedonia. 14 But de thanks charis be to ho God theos, who ho is always pantote leading thriambeuō us hēmeis in triumph in en · ho Christ Christos, and kai through dia us hēmeis is making known phaneroō the ho fragrance osmē of the ho knowledge gnōsis of him autos in en every pas place topos. 15 For hoti we are eimi an aroma euōdia of Christ Christos to ho God theos among en those ho who are being saved sōzō. · kai Among en those ho who are perishing apollymi 16 we are a deadly ek fume osmē that eis kills thanatos, but de to the former hos we are a life-giving ek fragrance osmē that eis brings life zōē. And kai who tis is adequate hikanos for pros ministry like this houtos? 17 For gar we are eimi not ou like hōs · ho so many polys, peddling kapēleuō the ho word logos of ho God theos. To the contrary alla, in en Christ Christos we speak laleō in the sight katenanti of God theos as hōs men of ek sincerity eilikrineia, as hōs men sent from ek God theos.

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