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13 This houtos will be my third triton visit erchomai to pros you hymeis. On epi the evidence stoma of two dyo or kai three treis witnesses martys every pas accusation rhēma is to be confirmed histēmi. I said before when hōs I was with pareimi you the ho second time deuteros, and kai now nyn, though absent apeimi, I say ahead of time prolegō · kai to those ho who have sinned previously proamartanō and kai to all pas the ho rest loipos, that hoti if ean I come erchomai · ho again palin I will not ou spare pheidomai anyone, since epei you seek zēteō proof dokimē that ho Christ Christos is speaking laleō through en me egō. He hos is astheneō not ou weak astheneō toward eis you hymeis but alla is powerful dynateō among en you hymeis. For gar indeed kai he was crucified stauroō in ek weakness astheneia, but alla he lives zaō by ek the power dynamis of God theos. For gar indeed kai we hēmeis are weak astheneō in en him autos, but alla we will live zaō with syn him autos by ek the power dynamis of God theos toward eis you hymeis.

Examine peirazō yourselves heautou to see if ei you are eimi in en the ho faith pistis. Test dokimazō yourselves heautou. Or ē do you not ou realize epiginōskō about yourselves heautou, that hoti Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos is in en you hymeis?— unless ei, of course mēti, you fail the test adokimos! And de I hope elpizō that hoti you will find ginōskō out that hoti we hēmeis do not ou fail the test eimi! Now de we pray euchomai to pros · ho God theos that you hymeis may not do poieō anything mēdeis wrong kakos, not ou that hina we hēmeis would appear phainō as having passed the test dokimos, but alla that hina you hymeis may do poieō what ho is right kalos even though de we hēmeis may appear eimi as hōs having failed adokimos. For gar we are not ou able dynamai to do anything tis against kata the ho truth alētheia, but alla only for hyper the ho truth alētheia. For gar we rejoice chairō whenever hotan we hēmeis are weak astheneō, but de you hymeis are eimi strong dynatos. And kai this houtos is what we pray for euchomai, · ho your hymeis Christian maturity katartisis. 10 Therefore dia houtos I write graphō these houtos things while I am absent apeimi, so that hina when I am present pareimi I may chraomai not have to treat chraomai you harshly apotomōs according kata to the ho authority exousia which hos the ho Lord kyrios gave didōmi me egō for eis building oikodomē up and kai not ou tearing down kathairesis.

11 Finally loipos, brothers adelphos, rejoice chairō, strive katartizō for maturity , take courage parakaleō, · ho be like-minded autos, live eirēneuō in peace ; and kai the ho God theos of ho love agapē and kai peace eirēnē will be eimi with meta you hymeis. 12 Greet aspazomai one allēlōn another with en a holy hagios kiss philēma. All pas the ho saints hagios send you hymeis their greetings aspazomai. 13 The ho grace charis of the ho Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos and kai the ho love agapē of ho God theos and kai the ho fellowship koinōnia of the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma be with meta you hymeis all pas.

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