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14 [L For] We are not ·bragging too much [or going beyond our commission; L overreaching/overextending ourselves], as we would be if we had not already come to you. But we have come to you with the Good News of Christ [C Paul’s opponents claimed the Corinthians were their sphere of ministry; Paul counters that he first brought the Gospel to Corinth (Acts 18)]. 15 We limit our ·bragging [boasting] to the work that is ours, not what others have done. We hope that as your faith continues to grow, ·the scope of our work among you will greatly increase [or our work among you will greatly increase within the sphere/limits God has given us]. 16 ·We want to [L …so that we may] ·tell the Good News [preach the Gospel] in the areas beyond ·your city [L you]. We do not want to ·brag [boast] about work that has already been done in another person’s area.

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