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11 Let logizomai such a person toioutos consider logizomai this houtos, · ho that hoti what hoios we are eimi in ho word logos through dia letters epistolē when absent apeimi, such toioutos we also kai are in ho act ergon when present pareimi. 12 For gar we would not ou dare tolmaō to classify enkrinō or ē compare synkrinō ourselves heautou with some tis of those ho who are recommending synistēmi themselves heautou. Rather alla, when metreō they autos measure metreō themselves heautou by en themselves heautou and kai compare synkrinō themselves heautou by themselves heautou, they are without ou understanding syniēmi. 13 We hēmeis, however de, will kauchaomai not ou boast kauchaomai beyond eis · ho proper ametros limits , but alla only within kata the ho measure metron of the ho sphere kanōn of action which hos God theos has assigned merizō to us hēmeis · ho as a measure metron, extending ephikneomai even kai as far as achri you hymeis.

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