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Solomon ·made holy [consecrated] the middle part of the courtyard, which is in front of the ·Temple [L house] of the Lord. There he ·offered [sacrificed] whole burnt offerings and the fat of the ·fellowship [peace] offerings. He ·offered [sacrificed] them in the courtyard, because the bronze altar he had made could not hold the burnt offerings [Lev. 1:1–17], ·grain [L gift; tribute] offerings [Lev. 2:1], and fat [Lev. 3:16].

Solomon and all the Israelites ·celebrated [kept; observed] the festival [C of Shelters/Tabernacles/Booths] for seven days. There ·were many people [L was a great assembly/congregation], and they came from as far away as Lebo Hamath [C in the north] and the brook of Egypt [C in the south]. For seven days they celebrated ·giving [the dedication of] the altar. Then they ·celebrated [kept; observed] the festival for seven days. On the eighth day they had a ·meeting [solemn assembly; closing ceremony].

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