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Solomon Speaks to the People

Then Solomon said, “The Lord said he would live in the ·dark cloud [thick cloud; thick cloud of darkness]. Lord, I have built a ·wonderful [magnificent; glorious; lofty] ·Temple [L house] for you—a place for you to ·live [dwell] forever.”

While all the ·Israelites [L community of Israel] were standing there, King Solomon turned to them and blessed them. Then he said, “·Praise [Bless] the Lord, the God of Israel. He has ·done [L fulfilled with his hand] what he ·promised [spoke] to my father David [2 Sam. 7:1–16]. The Lord said, ‘Since the ·time [L day] I brought my people out of Egypt, I have not chosen a city in any tribe of Israel where a ·Temple [L house] will be built for ·me [L my name to be there]. I did not choose a man to ·lead [rule] my people Israel. But now I have chosen Jerusalem ·as the place I am to be worshiped [L for my name to be], and I have chosen David to ·lead [rule] my people Israel.’

“My father David wanted to build a ·Temple [L house] for ·the [L the name of the] Lord, the God of Israel. But the Lord said to my father David, ‘·It was good that you [You did well to have] wanted to build a ·Temple [L house] for me. But you are not the one to build it. Your son, who ·comes from your own body [will be born to you], is the one who will build ·my Temple [L the house for my name].’

10 “Now the Lord has ·kept his promise [L established the word he spoke]. I am the king now in place of David my father. Now I ·rule [L sit on the throne of] Israel as the Lord promised, and I have built the ·Temple [L house] for ·the [L the name of the] Lord, the God of Israel. 11 There I have put the Ark, in which is the ·Agreement [covenant; treaty] the Lord made with the ·Israelites [people of Israel].”

Solomon’s Prayer

12 Then Solomon stood ·facing [L before] the Lord’s altar, ·and all the Israelites were standing behind him [L in the presence of the assembly/community of Israel]. He ·spread out [lifted] his hands. 13 He had made a bronze platform ·seven and one-half feet [L five cubits] long, ·seven and one-half feet [L five cubits] wide, and ·seven and one-half feet [L five cubits] high, and he had placed it in the middle of the outer courtyard. Solomon stood on the platform. Then he kneeled in front of all the ·people [L assembly; community] of Israel gathered there, and he spread out his hands toward ·the sky [heaven]. 14 He said, “Lord, God of Israel, there is no god [C no true God] like you in heaven or on earth. You keep your ·agreement of love with [covenant/treaty and show unfailing love/loyalty to] your servants who ·truly follow [wholeheartedly/devotedly walk before] you. 15 You have kept the promise you made to your servant David, my father. You spoke it with your own mouth and finished it with your hands today.

16 “Now, Lord, God of Israel, keep the promise you made to your servant David, my father. You said, ‘If your sons ·are careful [guard their steps] ·to obey my teachings [L and walk in my laws] as you have ·obeyed [L walked], ·there will always be someone from your family [you will never fail to have someone] ·ruling [L sitting on the throne of] Israel.’ 17 Now, Lord, God of Israel, ·please continue to keep that promise you made [fulfill this word you have spoken] to your servant.

18 “But, ·God, can you [will God] really live here on the earth with ·people [mortals]? The ·sky and the highest place in heaven [heavens, even the highest heavens,] cannot contain you. ·Surely this house which I have built cannot contain you [How much less this temple/L house I have built]. 19 But ·please listen [listen favorably; attend] to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant. Lord my God, hear this ·prayer [cry] your servant prays to you. 20 Day and night please watch over this ·Temple [L house] where you have said you would ·be worshiped [L put your name]. Hear the prayer I pray facing this place. 21 Hear ·my prayers and the prayers of [L the pleas/entreaties/T supplications of your servant and] your people Israel when we pray facing this place. Hear from your home in heaven, and when you hear, forgive us.

22 “If someone ·wrongs another person [sins against his neighbor], he will be brought to the altar in this ·Temple [L house]. If he swears an oath [C that he is innocent], 23 then hear in heaven and act. Judge ·the case [L between your servants; C the accuser and the accused], ·punish [condemn; repay] the guilty, but ·declare that [justify; acquit] the ·innocent person is not guilty [righteous because of their innocence/righteousness].

24 “·When [If] your people, the Israelites, sin against you, their enemies will defeat them. But if they ·come back [return] to you and ·praise you [acknowledge/confess your name] and pray and ·appeal [T make supplication] to you in this ·Temple [L house], 25 then ·listen [hear] from heaven. Forgive the sin of your people Israel, and bring them back to the land you gave to them and their ·ancestors [fathers].

26 “When they sin against you, you will ·stop the rain from falling on their land [shut up the heavens/sky and stop the rain]. Then they will pray, facing this place and ·praising you [acknowledge/confess your name]; they will stop sinning ·when [because] you ·make them suffer [punish/afflict them]. 27 When this happens, hear their prayer in heaven, and forgive the sins of your servants, the Israelites. Teach them ·to do what is right [the right way to live; L the good way in which they should walk]. Then please send rain to ·this [L your] land you have given ·particularly to them [L to your people as an inheritance/special possession].

28 “·At times the land will get so dry that no food will grow [L If there is famine in the land…], or ·a great sickness will spread among the people [a plague; pestilence…]. ·Sometimes [L …or if…] the crops will be destroyed by blight, mildew, locusts, or grasshoppers. ·Your [L …or if…] people will be attacked in their cities by their enemies, or will become sick. 29 ·When any of these things [—whatever plague/disaster or disease] happens, ·the [L …and if the…] people will ·become truly sorry [pray about their troubles/affliction and pain/sorrows…]. ·If [L …and] your people spread their hands in prayer toward this ·Temple [L house], 30 then hear their prayers from your home in heaven. Forgive and ·treat [deal with] each person as he ·should be treated [deserves] because you know what is in a person’s heart. Only you know ·what is in people’s hearts [the human heart]. 31 Then the people will ·respect [fear; revere; honor] and ·obey you [L walk in your ways] as long as they live in this land you gave our ·ancestors [fathers].

32 “People who are not Israelites, foreigners from other lands, will hear about your ·greatness [L great name] and ·power [L mighty hand and outstretched arm]. They will come from far away to pray ·at this Temple [L toward this house]. 33 Then hear from your home in heaven, and ·do [grant; answer] whatever they ask you. Then ·people everywhere [L all the peoples of the earth] will know ·you [L your name] and ·respect [fear; revere; acknowledge] you, just as your people Israel do. Then everyone will know that I built this ·Temple [L house] as a place to ·worship you [L bear your name].

34 “When your people go out to fight their enemies ·along some road on which [by whichever way] you send them, your people will pray to you, ·facing [toward] this city which you have chosen and the ·Temple [L house] I have built for ·you [L your name]. 35 Then hear in heaven their prayers and their ·plea [T supplication], and ·do what is right [uphold their cause; vindicate them].

36 “·Everyone sins, so your people will also sin against you [When/If your people sin against you—for there is no one who does not sin—…]. You will become angry with them and will ·hand them over [deliver them] to their enemies. Their enemies will capture them and take them away to a country far or near. 37 ·Your people will be sorry for their sins [If they stop and think/come to their senses…] when they are held as ·prisoners [captives] in another country. ·They will be sorry […and they repent…] and ·pray [plead; make supplication] to you in the land ·where they are held as prisoners [of their captivity], saying, ‘We have sinned. We have done ·wrong [evil] and acted wickedly.’ 38 ·They will truly turn back to you […and they return to you with all their heart and soul/being] in the land where they are captives. ·They will […and they] pray, ·facing this [toward the] land you gave their ·ancestors [fathers], this city you have chosen, and the ·Temple [L house] I have built for ·you [L your name…]. 39 Then hear their prayers and their ·plea [T supplication] from your home in heaven, and ·do what is right [uphold their cause; vindicate them]. Forgive your people who have sinned against you.

40 “Now, my God, ·look at us. Listen [L …may your eyes be open and your ears attentive] to the prayers we pray in this place.

41 Now, ·rise [ascend], Lord God, and ·come to [enter] your resting place.
    Come with the ·Ark of the Agreement that shows your strength [L ark of your might/power].
Let your priests ·receive [L be clothed with] your salvation, Lord God,
    and may your ·holy people [godly/faithful ones] ·be happy because of your goodness [rejoice in what is good].
42 Lord God, do not ·reject [turn away from] your ·appointed [anointed] ·one [or ones].
    Remember your ·love [unfailing love; lovingkindness; loyalty] for your servant David [Ps. 132:1, 8–10].”