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Hezekiah Prepares To Celebrate Passover

30 1-4 Passover wasn’t celebrated in the first month,[a] which was the usual time, because many of the priests were still unclean and unacceptable to serve, and because not everyone in Judah had come to Jerusalem for the festival. So Hezekiah, his officials, and the people agreed to celebrate Passover in the second month.[b]

Hezekiah sent a message to everyone in Israel and Judah, including those in the territories of Ephraim and West Manasseh, inviting them to the temple in Jerusalem for the celebration of Passover in honor of the Lord God of Israel.

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  1. 30.1-4 first month: See the note at 29.3.
  2. 30.1-4 second month: See the note at 3.1,2.