David’s Charge to Solomon(A)

When the time drew near for David to die,(B) he gave a charge to Solomon his son.

“I am about to go the way of all the earth,”(C) he said. “So be strong,(D) act like a man, and observe(E) what the Lord your God requires: Walk in obedience to him, and keep his decrees and commands, his laws and regulations, as written in the Law of Moses. Do this so that you may prosper(F) in all you do and wherever you go and that the Lord may keep his promise(G) to me: ‘If your descendants watch how they live, and if they walk faithfully(H) before me with all their heart and soul, you will never fail to have a successor on the throne of Israel.’

“Now you yourself know what Joab(I) son of Zeruiah did to me—what he did to the two commanders of Israel’s armies, Abner(J) son of Ner and Amasa(K) son of Jether. He killed them, shedding their blood in peacetime as if in battle, and with that blood he stained the belt around his waist and the sandals on his feet. Deal with him according to your wisdom,(L) but do not let his gray head go down to the grave in peace.

“But show kindness(M) to the sons of Barzillai(N) of Gilead and let them be among those who eat at your table.(O) They stood by me when I fled from your brother Absalom.

“And remember, you have with you Shimei(P) son of Gera, the Benjamite from Bahurim, who called down bitter curses on me the day I went to Mahanaim.(Q) When he came down to meet me at the Jordan, I swore(R) to him by the Lord: ‘I will not put you to death by the sword.’ But now, do not consider him innocent. You are a man of wisdom;(S) you will know what to do to him. Bring his gray head down to the grave in blood.”

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David’s Last Words

23 These are the last words of David:

“The inspired utterance of David son of Jesse,
    the utterance of the man exalted(A) by the Most High,
the man anointed(B) by the God of Jacob,
    the hero of Israel’s songs:

“The Spirit(C) of the Lord spoke through me;
    his word was on my tongue.
The God of Israel spoke,
    the Rock(D) of Israel said to me:
‘When one rules over people in righteousness,(E)
    when he rules in the fear(F) of God,(G)
he is like the light(H) of morning(I) at sunrise(J)
    on a cloudless morning,
like the brightness after rain(K)
    that brings grass from the earth.’

“If my house were not right with God,
    surely he would not have made with me an everlasting covenant,(L)
    arranged and secured in every part;
surely he would not bring to fruition my salvation
    and grant me my every desire.
But evil men are all to be cast aside like thorns,(M)
    which are not gathered with the hand.
Whoever touches thorns
    uses a tool of iron or the shaft of a spear;
    they are burned up where they lie.”

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10 Then David rested with his ancestors and was buried(A) in the City of David.(B) 11 He had reigned(C) forty years over Israel—seven years in Hebron and thirty-three in Jerusalem. 12 So Solomon sat on the throne(D) of his father David, and his rule was firmly established.(E)

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The Death of David(A)

26 David son of Jesse was king(B) over all Israel.(C) 27 He ruled over Israel forty years—seven in Hebron(D) and thirty-three in Jerusalem.(E) 28 He died(F) at a good old age, having enjoyed long life, wealth and honor. His son Solomon succeeded him as king.(G)

29 As for the events of King David’s reign, from beginning to end, they are written in the records of Samuel the seer,(H) the records of Nathan(I) the prophet and the records of Gad(J) the seer, 30 together with the details of his reign and power, and the circumstances that surrounded him and Israel and the kingdoms of all the other lands.

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Psalm 4[a]

For the director of music. With stringed instruments. A psalm of David.

Answer me(A) when I call to you,
    my righteous God.
Give me relief from my distress;(B)
    have mercy(C) on me and hear my prayer.(D)

How long will you people turn my glory(E) into shame?(F)
    How long will you love delusions and seek false gods[b]?[c](G)
Know that the Lord has set apart his faithful servant(H) for himself;
    the Lord hears(I) when I call to him.

Tremble and[d] do not sin;(J)
    when you are on your beds,(K)
    search your hearts and be silent.
Offer the sacrifices of the righteous
    and trust in the Lord.(L)

Many, Lord, are asking, “Who will bring us prosperity?”
    Let the light of your face shine on us.(M)
Fill my heart(N) with joy(O)
    when their grain and new wine(P) abound.

In peace(Q) I will lie down and sleep,(R)
    for you alone, Lord,
    make me dwell in safety.(S)

Psalm 5[e]

For the director of music. For pipes. A psalm of David.

Listen(T) to my words, Lord,
    consider my lament.(U)
Hear my cry for help,(V)
    my King and my God,(W)
    for to you I pray.

In the morning,(X) Lord, you hear my voice;
    in the morning I lay my requests before you
    and wait expectantly.(Y)
For you are not a God who is pleased with wickedness;
    with you, evil people(Z) are not welcome.
The arrogant(AA) cannot stand(AB)
    in your presence.
You hate(AC) all who do wrong;
    you destroy those who tell lies.(AD)
The bloodthirsty and deceitful
    you, Lord, detest.
But I, by your great love,
    can come into your house;
in reverence(AE) I bow down(AF)
    toward your holy temple.(AG)

Lead me, Lord, in your righteousness(AH)
    because of my enemies—
    make your way straight(AI) before me.
Not a word from their mouth can be trusted;
    their heart is filled with malice.
Their throat is an open grave;(AJ)
    with their tongues they tell lies.(AK)
10 Declare them guilty, O God!
    Let their intrigues be their downfall.
Banish them for their many sins,(AL)
    for they have rebelled(AM) against you.
11 But let all who take refuge in you be glad;
    let them ever sing for joy.(AN)
Spread your protection over them,
    that those who love your name(AO) may rejoice in you.(AP)

12 Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous;(AQ)
    you surround them(AR) with your favor as with a shield.(AS)

Psalm 6[f]

For the director of music. With stringed instruments. According to sheminith.[g] A psalm of David.

Lord, do not rebuke me in your anger(AT)
    or discipline me in your wrath.
Have mercy on me,(AU) Lord, for I am faint;(AV)
    heal me,(AW) Lord, for my bones are in agony.(AX)
My soul is in deep anguish.(AY)
    How long,(AZ) Lord, how long?

Turn,(BA) Lord, and deliver me;
    save me because of your unfailing love.(BB)
Among the dead no one proclaims your name.
    Who praises you from the grave?(BC)

I am worn out(BD) from my groaning.(BE)

All night long I flood my bed with weeping(BF)
    and drench my couch with tears.(BG)
My eyes grow weak(BH) with sorrow;
    they fail because of all my foes.

Away from me,(BI) all you who do evil,(BJ)
    for the Lord has heard my weeping.
The Lord has heard my cry for mercy;(BK)
    the Lord accepts my prayer.
10 All my enemies will be overwhelmed with shame and anguish;(BL)
    they will turn back and suddenly be put to shame.(BM)


  1. Psalm 4:1 In Hebrew texts 4:1-8 is numbered 4:2-9.
  2. Psalm 4:2 Or seek lies
  3. Psalm 4:2 The Hebrew has Selah (a word of uncertain meaning) here and at the end of verse 4.
  4. Psalm 4:4 Or In your anger (see Septuagint)
  5. Psalm 5:1 In Hebrew texts 5:1-12 is numbered 5:2-13.
  6. Psalm 6:1 In Hebrew texts 6:1-10 is numbered 6:2-11.
  7. Psalm 6:1 Title: Probably a musical term

Psalm 8[a]

For the director of music. According to gittith.[b] A psalm of David.

Lord, our Lord,
    how majestic is your name(A) in all the earth!

You have set your glory(B)
    in the heavens.(C)
Through the praise of children and infants
    you have established a stronghold(D) against your enemies,
    to silence the foe(E) and the avenger.
When I consider your heavens,(F)
    the work of your fingers,(G)
the moon and the stars,(H)
    which you have set in place,
what is mankind that you are mindful of them,
    human beings that you care for them?[c](I)

You have made them[d] a little lower than the angels[e](J)
    and crowned them[f] with glory and honor.(K)
You made them rulers(L) over the works of your hands;(M)
    you put everything under their[g] feet:(N)
all flocks and herds,(O)
    and the animals of the wild,(P)
the birds in the sky,
    and the fish in the sea,(Q)
    all that swim the paths of the seas.

Lord, our Lord,
    how majestic is your name in all the earth!(R)

Psalm 9[h][i]

For the director of music. To the tune of “The Death of the Son.” A psalm of David.

I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart;(S)
    I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.(T)
I will be glad and rejoice(U) in you;
    I will sing the praises(V) of your name,(W) O Most High.

My enemies turn back;
    they stumble and perish before you.
For you have upheld my right(X) and my cause,(Y)
    sitting enthroned(Z) as the righteous judge.(AA)
You have rebuked the nations(AB) and destroyed the wicked;
    you have blotted out their name(AC) for ever and ever.
Endless ruin has overtaken my enemies,
    you have uprooted their cities;(AD)
    even the memory of them(AE) has perished.

The Lord reigns forever;(AF)
    he has established his throne(AG) for judgment.
He rules the world in righteousness(AH)
    and judges the peoples with equity.(AI)
The Lord is a refuge(AJ) for the oppressed,(AK)
    a stronghold in times of trouble.(AL)
10 Those who know your name(AM) trust in you,
    for you, Lord, have never forsaken(AN) those who seek you.(AO)

11 Sing the praises(AP) of the Lord, enthroned in Zion;(AQ)
    proclaim among the nations(AR) what he has done.(AS)
12 For he who avenges blood(AT) remembers;
    he does not ignore the cries of the afflicted.(AU)

13 Lord, see how my enemies(AV) persecute me!
    Have mercy(AW) and lift me up from the gates of death,(AX)
14 that I may declare your praises(AY)
    in the gates of Daughter Zion,(AZ)
    and there rejoice in your salvation.(BA)

15 The nations have fallen into the pit they have dug;(BB)
    their feet are caught in the net they have hidden.(BC)
16 The Lord is known by his acts of justice;
    the wicked are ensnared by the work of their hands.[j](BD)
17 The wicked go down to the realm of the dead,(BE)
    all the nations that forget God.(BF)
18 But God will never forget the needy;
    the hope(BG) of the afflicted(BH) will never perish.

19 Arise,(BI) Lord, do not let mortals triumph;(BJ)
    let the nations be judged(BK) in your presence.
20 Strike them with terror,(BL) Lord;
    let the nations know they are only mortal.(BM)


  1. Psalm 8:1 In Hebrew texts 8:1-9 is numbered 8:2-10.
  2. Psalm 8:1 Title: Probably a musical term
  3. Psalm 8:4 Or what is a human being that you are mindful of him, / a son of man that you care for him?
  4. Psalm 8:5 Or him
  5. Psalm 8:5 Or than God
  6. Psalm 8:5 Or him
  7. Psalm 8:6 Or made him ruler . . . ; / . . . his
  8. Psalm 9:1 Psalms 9 and 10 may originally have been a single acrostic poem in which alternating lines began with the successive letters of the Hebrew alphabet. In the Septuagint they constitute one psalm.
  9. Psalm 9:1 In Hebrew texts 9:1-20 is numbered 9:2-21.
  10. Psalm 9:16 The Hebrew has Higgaion and Selah (words of uncertain meaning) here; Selah occurs also at the end of verse 20.

Psalm 11

For the director of music. Of David.

In the Lord I take refuge.(A)
    How then can you say to me:
    “Flee(B) like a bird to your mountain.(C)
For look, the wicked bend their bows;(D)
    they set their arrows(E) against the strings
to shoot from the shadows(F)
    at the upright in heart.(G)
When the foundations(H) are being destroyed,
    what can the righteous do?”

The Lord is in his holy temple;(I)
    the Lord is on his heavenly throne.(J)
He observes everyone on earth;(K)
    his eyes examine(L) them.
The Lord examines the righteous,(M)
    but the wicked, those who love violence,
    he hates with a passion.(N)
On the wicked he will rain
    fiery coals and burning sulfur;(O)
    a scorching wind(P) will be their lot.

For the Lord is righteous,(Q)
    he loves justice;(R)
    the upright(S) will see his face.(T)