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1 Maccabees 9:28-16:24 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

28 And all the friends of Judas were gathered, and said to Jonathan,

29 Since thy brother Judas is dead, there is no man like him, that shall go out against (our) enemies, Bacchides and them that be (the) enemies of our folk.

30 Therefore now we choose thee today for to be prince and duke to us for him, for to fight our battle(s).

31 And (so) Jonathan received in that time the princehood, and rose (up) in the place of Judas, his brother.

32 And Bacchides knew (this), and sought for to slay him.

33 And Jonathan knew (that), and Simon, his brother, and all that were with him, and [they] fled into (the) desert of Tekoa, and sat together at the water of the lake Asphar.

34 And Bacchides knew (this), and in the day of sabbath he came, and all his host, over (the) Jordan.

35 And Jonathan sent his brother (John,) (a) leader of that people [or duke of the people], and (he) prayed (the) Nabathites, (or the Nabateans), his friends, that he should betake to them his apparel, (or their baggage), that was plenteous.

36 And (or But) (the) sons of Jambri went out of Medaba, and caught John, and all (the) things that he had, and went away, having (or taking) those things [or and went away, having them].

37 After these words it was told again to Jonathan, and Simon, his brother, that the sons of Jambri make great weddings, and wed a wife of Nadabath, the daughter of one of the great princes of Canaan, with great pride and apparel.

38 And they bethought on the blood of John, their brother, and went up, and hid themselves under (the) covering of the hill.

39 And they raised (up) their eyes, and saw, and lo! noise (or a commotion), and great apparel; and a spouse, or (the) husband, came forth, and his friends, and his brethren, against (or towards) them, with tympans, and musics, and many armours, (or many arms, or weapons).

40 And they rose (up) to (or against) them from (the) ambushments, and slew them, and many wounded fell down, and the residues fled into the hill, and they took all the spoils of them;

41 and (the) weddings were converted into mourning, and (the) voice of their musics (or the sound of their music) into wailing.

42 And (so) they (a)venged the vengeance of their brother’s blood, and (then) [they] (re)turned again to the brink of (the) Jordan.

43 And Bacchides heard, and came in the day of sabbaths till to the utmost part of (the) Jordan, in (or with) great strength.

44 And Jonathan said to his (men), Rise we (up), and fight against our enemies; for it is not today as yesterday, and the third day ago.

45 For lo! (the) battle is even against (or before) (us); soothly the water of (the) Jordan is on this half and on that half, and rivers, and marshes, and forests [or and wild woods], and there is no place of turning away (or and there is no place for turning aside).

46 Now therefore cry ye into heaven, (so) that ye be delivered from (the) hand of your enemies.

47 And (the) battle was joined. And Jonathan straightened out (or stretched forth) his hand, for to smite Bacchides, and (or but) he turned away from him behind.

48 And Jonathan skipped down [or leaped out], and they that were with him, into (the) Jordan, and swam over (the) Jordan to them.

49 And there fell of Bacchides part in that day a thousand men,

50 and they, that is, Bacchides and his men, (re)turned again into Jerusalem; and (re)builded (the) strong cities in Judea, the strength (or the stronghold) that was in Jericho, and in Emmaus, and in Beth-horon, and Bethel, and Timnath-pharathon, and Tephon, with high walls, and gates, and locks.

51 And he setted keeping in them, (so) that they should haunt enmities in (or upon) Israel;

52 and he strengthened the city (of) Bethsura, and Gazara, and the high tower, and putted in them helps, and apparel of meats (or food).

53 And he took the sons of (the) princes of the country in (or for) hostage(s), or pledges, and putted them in the high tower in Jerusalem, in keeping.

54 And in the hundred year and three and fifty [or And in the hundred year and three and fiftieth], in the second month, Alcimus commanded (that) the walls of the holy inner house for to be destroyed, and the works of (the) prophets for to be destroyed,

55 and he began for to destroy (them). In (or At) that time Alcimus was smitten, and the works of him were letted (or were hindered). And his mouth was closed, and he was dissolved, either made feeble, by palsy, neither he might speak more a word, and command of (or to) his house.

56 And Alcimus was dead in that time, with great torment.

57 And Bacchides saw, that Alcimus was dead, and he (re)turned again to the king, and the land was still (for) two years.

58 And all (the) wicked men thought, saying, Lo! Jonathan, and they that be with him, dwell in silence, and trust [or trusting]; now therefore bring we Bacchides (here), and he shall take them all in one night.

59 And they went forth, and gave counsel to him.

60 And he rose (up), for to come with much host. And he sent epistles privily to his fellows, that were in Judea, that they should catch Jonathan, and them that were with him; but they might not, for their counsel was known to them.

61 And Jonathan caught (those) of (the) men of the country, that were (the) princes of (the) knighthood, (about) fifty men, and slew them.

62 And Jonathan and Simon went, and they that were with him, into Bethbasi, that is in (the) desert, and (re)builded the destroyed things thereof, and made it strong.

63 And Bacchides knew (this), and gathered all his multitude, and denounced (or announced) to them that were of Judea.

64 And he came, and setted (up his) tents above Bethbasi, and fought against it (for) many days, and made engines (of war).

65 And Jonathan left Simon, his brother, in the city, and went out into the country, and came with (a) number (of men);

66 and smote Odomera, and his brethren, and (the) sons of Phasiron, in the tabernacles of them (or in their tents),

67 and [he] began for to smite, and wax in virtues (or and to increase his forces). Simon soothly, and they that were with him, went out of the city, and burnt (up) (the) engines (of war).

68 And they fought against Bacchides, and he was all-broken of (or by) them; and they tormented him greatly, for his counsel and his assailing was void (or was in vain).

69 And he was wroth against (the) wicked men, that gave counsel to him for to come into their country, and slew many of them; forsooth he thought with others for to go (or to return) into his country.

70 And Jonathan knew, and sent legates (or ambassadors) to him, for to make peace with him, and to yield to him (the Jewish) prisoners.

71 And willfully he took (or And willingly he accepted), and did by his words, and swore that he should not do to him any evil in all the days of his life. [And willfully he took, and did after his words, and swore him to doing to him nothing of evil all days of his life.]

72 And he yielded to him the captivity, that is, (the Jewish) prisoners, which he took by prey before (out) of the land of Judea. And he (re)turned, and went into his land, and putted no more for to come into his coasts (or into their land).

73 And (so the) sword cease from Israel. And Jonathan dwelled in Michmash, and there Jonathan began for to deem the people, and he destroyed the unfaithful [or unpious] men (out) of Israel.

10 And in the hundred and sixtieth year Alexander, the son of Antiochus, went up, that is named noble (or who was surnamed Epiphanes), and occupied Ptolemais; and they received him, and he reigned there. [And in the hundred and sixtieth year Alexander, son of Antiochus, that is named noble, went up, and occupied Ptolemais; and they received him, and he reigned there.]

And king Demetrius heard, and gathered an host full copious, and went out against him into battle.

And Demetrius sent [an] epistle to Jonathan with peaceable words, for to magnify him.

For he said, Before take we for to make peace with him, before that he make (an accord) with Alexander against us;

for he shall have mind of or on all (the) evils, that we have done against him, and against his brother(s), and against his folk.

And he gave to him [or And he gave him] power to gather (an) host, and for to make armours, (or arms, or weapons), and him for to be his fellow. And he commanded (that the) hostages, either (the) pledges, that were in the high tower, for to be given to him.

And Jonathan came into Jerusalem, and read (the) epistles (or read the letter), in (the) hearing of all the people, and of them that were in the high tower.

And they dreaded with great dread, for they heard, that the king gave him power to gather an host.

And (the) hostages were betaken to Jonathan, and he yielded them to their fathers and mothers.

10 And Jonathan dwelt in Jerusalem, and began for to build and renew the city.

11 And he said to men doing (the) works, that they should make up the walls, and the hill of Zion in compass, with square stones to (or for) strengthening; and they did so.

12 And (the) aliens fled, that were in the strengths (or in the strongholds), which Bacchides had builded;

13 and each man left his place, and went into his (own) land.

14 Only in Bethsura dwelt some of them, that forsook the law and the behests (or the commandments) of God; for why this was to (or for) them the (place of) refuge.

15 And Alexander the king heard (the) promises [or And king Alexander heard the promises], that Demetrius (had) promised to Jonathan, and they told to him (of) the battles and virtues which he did, and his brethren, and the travails which they travailed (or had endured).

16 And he said, Whether we shall find any such man? And now make we him our friend and fellow.

17 And he wrote (an) epistle, and sent (it to him), by [or after] these words, saying,

18 King Alexander to Jonathan, brother, health.

19 We have heard of thee, that thou art a mighty man in strengths, and art able that thou be our friend.

20 And now we ordain thee today (to be the) highest priest of thy folk, and that thou be called (the) friend of the king. And he sent to him purple, and a golden crown, that thou feel with us what things be ours, and keep friendships to (or with) us.

21 And Jonathan clothed him(self) with an holy stole [or with the holy stole], in the seventh month, in the hundred and sixtieth year, in the solemn day of Scenopegia (or of Cenophe). And he gathered an host, and made copious or plenteous armours. (And so in the seventh month of the hundred and sixtieth year, Jonathan clothed himself with the holy stole, at the Feast of Tabernacles. And he gathered an army, and prepared many arms, or weapons.)

22 And Demetrius heard these words, and was made full sorrowful, and said,

23 What have we done this thing, that Alexander before-occupied us, for to catch (the) friendship of (or with) (the) Jews, to his (own) strengthening?

24 And I shall write to him praying words, and (promise him) dignities, and gifts, (so) that he be with me in help.

25 And (so) he wrote to him by these words, King Demetrius to the folk of (the) Jews, health.

26 For ye kept to us covenant, and dwelt in our friendship, and went not to our enemies, we heard, and joyed.

27 And now last ye yet for to keep to us faith; and we shall (re)quite to you good things, for these things that ye did to (or for) us,

28 and we shall forgive to you many [givings of] rents, and we shall give gifts to you.

29 And now I assoil (or I absolve) you, and all (the) Jews, of tributes, and I forgive to you the prices of salt, and forgive crowns (or crown taxes),

30 and the third part of (the) seed; and I leave to you from this day and afterward, the half part of (the) fruit of the tree(s), that is of my portion, (so) that it be not taken of (or from) the land of Judea, and of (or from) (the) three cities that be added thereto, of Samaria and Galilee, from this day and into all time. [and the thirds of seed; and the half part of fruit of tree, that is of my portion, I leave to you from this day, and withinforth, that it be not taken of the land of Judea, and of three cities that be added thereto, of Samaria and Galilee, from this day into all time.]

31 And (let) Jerusalem be holy, and free, with his (or its) coasts; and tithes and tributes be of it.

32 Also I forgive the power of the high tower, that is in Jerusalem; and I give it to the high priest, or to the highest priest, that he ordain therein men, whichever he shall choose [or whomever he shall choose], that shall keep it.

33 And each person of (the) Jews, that is captive (out) of the land of Judea, in all my realm, I deliver free willfully, or without money, (so) that all be assoiled, (or absolved, or relieved) of their tributes, yea, (even) of (or for) their beasts.

34 And all solemn days, and sabbaths, and new moons, and all days ordained, and three days before the solemn day, and three days after the solemn day, all these be days of immunity, or franchise [or be all days of immunity, or franchise], and of remission, to all (the) Jews that be in my realm.

35 And no man shall have power for to do anything, and move needs, or causes, against any of them in (or for) any cause.

36 And that there be written (in) of (the) Jews in the king’s host, (up) to thirty thousands of men; and plenties shall be given to them, as it behooveth to all (the) hosts of the king.

37 And of them shall be ordained, that be in the great strengths (or in the great strongholds) of the king; of them shall be ordained over (the) needs of the realm, that be done of (or in) faith, and (their) princes (or their overseers) be of them; and walk they in their laws, as the king commanded in the land of Judea.

38 And (the) three cities, that be added to Judea of (or from) the country of Samaria, be areckoned, or deemed, with Judea; (so) that they be under one, and obey not to (any) other power, no but to the highest priest;

39 (As for) Ptolemais, and the coasts thereof, which I have given (as) a gift to (the) holy men that be in Jerusalem, to needful costs of saints. (As for Ptolemais, and the land thereof, I give it as a gift to the Temple that is in Jerusalem, for the necessary expenses of the Temple.)

40 And I shall give in each year fifteen thousand of shekels of silver, (out) of the king’s reasons (or accounts), that pertain to me;

41 and all that is residue, which they that were over (the) needs yielded not in former years, from this time (forth) they shall give into the works of the house.

42 And over this, five thousand shekels of silver, which they took of reason of holy things by each year (or which they took out of the accounts of the Temple by each year); and these things shall pertain to (the) priests, that use [or that be set in] ministry.

43 And whoever shall flee to the temple that is in Jerusalem, and in all (the) coasts thereof, and be guilty to the king, in (or for) any cause, be dismissed, or released; and have they free all things, that be to them in my realm.

44 And to build, or restore, works of holy things, costs, or expenses, shall be given of the king’s reason, or rent, (or And to build, or to restore, the works of the Temple, costs, or expenses, shall be given out of the king’s accounts,)

45 and for to build out the walls of Jerusalem; and for to make (them) strong in compass, expenses shall be given (out) of the king’s reason, or rent (or expenses shall be given out of the king’s accounts), (and) for to make out (the) walls in Judea.

46 As Jonathan and the people heard these words, they believed not to them, neither received them; for they had (in) mind of the great malice that he had done in Israel, and (that he) had troubled them greatly.

47 And it pleased (al)together to them in Alexander (or But they were altogether pleased with Alexander), for he was to them (the) prince of words of peace(-making), and to him they bare help in all days.

48 And king Alexander gathered a great host, and moved (his) tents against Demetrius.

49 And the kings joined battle, and the host of Demetrius fled; and Alexander pursued him, and lay on them;

50 and the battle was full strong, till the sun went down, and Demetrius fell in that day.

51 And Alexander sent to Ptolemy, king of Egypt, legates by these words (or ambassadors with these words), and said, [or saying],

52 For I came again into my realm [or For I am gone again into my realm], and sat in the seat of my fathers; and I have wielded princehood, and I have all-broken Demetrius, and have wielded our country;

53 and I have joined fight with him, and he and his hosts be all-fouled [or is broken (al)together] of (or by) us, and we sat in the seat of his realm.

54 And now ordain we together friendship, and give thy daughter (as) a wife to me [or and give to me thy daughter (as) wife], and I shall be thy daughter(’s) husband; and I shall give to thee gifts, and to her dignity.

55 And king Ptolemy answered, saying, Blessed be the day in which thou (re)turnedest again to the land of thy fathers, and hast sat in the seat (or on the throne) of the realm of them.

56 And now I shall do to thee which things thou hast written; but come thou against me to Ptolemais (or but come thou and meet me in Ptolemais), (so) that we see us together (or each other), and I promise to thee, as thou saidest.

57 And Ptolemy went out of Egypt, he and Cleopatra, his daughter; and he came to Ptolemais, in the hundred and two and sixtieth year.

58 And Alexander, the king, came to him [or And king Alexander came to him]; and he gave to him Cleopatra, his daughter, and made his weddings at Ptolemais, as kings in great glory (do).

59 And king Alexander wrote to Jonathan, that he should come against him (or that he should come to meet him).

60 And he went with glory to Ptolemais, and met there (the) two kings, and gave to them much silver, and gold, and gifts; and found grace in the sight of them.

61 And men of Israel, full of venom, came together against him, wicked men, asking against him, and (or but) the king took no attention to them;

62 and commanded Jonathan for to be made naked of his clothes, and him for to be clothed in purple; and they did so.

63 And the king setted him for to sit with him, and said to his princes, Go ye out with him into the middle of the city, and preach ye, that no man ask against him of (or about) any need, or cause, neither any man be heavy to him of (or for) any reason.

64 And it was done, as they that asked, [or appealed (against) him], (or And it was done, when they that had accused him), saw his glory that was preached, and him covered with purple, (they) all fled (away).

65 And the king magnified him, and wrote him among the first friends, and putted him (a) duke, and partner, or fellow, of (his) princehood.

66 And Jonathan (re)turned again into Jerusalem, with peace and gladness.

67 In the hundred year and five and sixtieth, Demetrius, the son of Demetrius, came from Crete into the land of his fathers.

68 And king Alexander heard, and was made full sorrowful, and (re)turned again to Antioch.

69 And Demetrius ordained Apollonius duke, that was sovereign of Celosyria (or who was the governor of Greater Syria); and he gathered his great host, and came to Jamnia; and sent to Jonathan, the highest priest, and said, [or saying],

70 Thou alone against-standest us; I am made into scorn and shame (or reproof) therefore, for thou hauntest power in (the) hills against us.

71 Now therefore if thou trustest in thy virtues (or in thine own strength), come down to us into the field; and there assemble we together [or and there comparison we together], for with me is (the) virtue (or the power) of battles.

72 Ask thou, and learn who I am, and others that be in help to me, and which say, that your foot may not stand against our face, for thy fathers were converted into flight twice into (or in) their (own) land.

73 And now how shalt thou be able to sustain (the) multitude of horsemen, and so great (a) host in the field, where is no stone, nor rock, neither place of fleeing?

74 Soothly as Jonathan heard these words of Apollonius, he was moved in (his) heart; and he chose ten thousand men, and went out from Jerusalem, and Simon, his brother, came to him into help.

75 And they applied (or pitched) (their) tents in Joppa, and it, that is, the people of Joppa, shutted out him [or shut him out] from the city, for Joppa was the keeping of Apollonius;

76 and he fought against it, that is, Jonathan fought against Joppa. And they were aghast, that were within the city, and opened to him; and (so) Jonathan wielded Joppa.

77 And Apollonius heard, and moved three thousand of horsemen, and much host; and went to Azotus, as making (the) way. And anon (or at once) he went out into the field, for that he had (a) multitude of horsemen, and he trusted in them;

78 and Jonathan (pur)sued him into Azotus, and they joined battle.

79 And Apollonius left in (the) tents (or left of his host) a thousand horsemen behind them privily.

80 And Jonathan knew that ambushments were behind him, and they environed his tents (or his host), and casted darts into the people, from the morrow till to eventide [or from morrow unto even(ing)].

81 Forsooth the people stood, as Jonathan commanded, and the horses of them travailed out.

82 And Simon led out his host, and joined (battle) against the legion; forsooth (the) horsemen were made weary, and were all-broken of (or by) him, and fled.

83 And they that were scattered in the field, fled into Azotus; and entered into the house of Dagon [or and they entered into Bethdagon], their idol, (so) that there they should deliver themselves.

84 And Jonathan burnt Azotus, and (the) cities that were in compass thereof, and took (the) spoils of them; and he burnt in (or with) fire the temple of Dagon, and them that (had) fled into it.

85 And there were that fell by (the) sword with them that were burnt, almost eight thousand men.

86 And from thence Jonathan moved (his) tents, and applied them to Ascalon; and they went out of the city against him in great glory. (And from thence Jonathan moved his host, and encamped near Ascalon; and they came out of the city to meet him with great glory.)

87 And Jonathan (re)turned again to Jerusalem with his men, having many spoils.

88 And it was done, as king Alexander heard these words, he putted to yet for to glorify Jonathan.

89 And he sent to him a golden lace, either (an) ouch, (or a clasp, or a buckle), as custom is (or as it is customary) to be given to (the) cousins of kings; and he gave to him Accaron, and all (the) coasts thereof in possession.

11 And the king of Egypt gathered an host, as gravel that is about the brink of the sea, and many ships; and sought for to wield the realm of Alexander in guile, and add it to his realm.

And he went out into Syria with peaceable words, and they opened to him cities, and came to him; for why king Alexander commanded for to go out against him (or for king Alexander had commanded them to go and meet him), for he was (the) father of the king’s wife.

Soothly when Ptolemy entered into a city, he putted keepings of knights in each city.

And as he nighed to (or approached) Azotus, they showed to him the temple of Dagon burnt in (or with) fire, and Azotus, and other things thereof (that) were destroyed, and (the) bodies cast forth, and the burials of them that were slain in battle, which they made beside the way.

And they told to the king that Jonathan did these things, for to make envy to him; and (or but) the king was still.

And Jonathan came to the king with glory into Joppa, and they greeted them(selves) together; and they slept (or lodged) there.

And Jonathan went with the king till to the flood that is called Eleutherus, and (re)turned again into Jerusalem.

Soothly king Ptolemy wielded the lordship of (the) cities till to Seleucia, by the sea coast, and thought against Alexander evil counsels;

and sent legates (or ambassadors) to Demetrius, and said, [or saying], Come thou, make we betwixt us (a) covenant, and I shall give to thee my daughter, whom Alexander hath, and thou shalt reign in the realm of thy father.

10 For it rueth me, that I gave to him my daughter; for he sought for to slay me.

11 And he despised him therefore, for he coveted the realm of him.

12 And he took away his daughter, and gave her to Demetrius, and aliened him (or alienated himself) from Alexander; and his enmities were made known.

13 And Ptolemy entered into Antioch, and putted two diadems (on)to his head, of Egypt and of Asia.

14 Forsooth Alexander, the king, was in Cilicia in those days, for they rebelled, that were in those places.

15 And Alexander heard, and came to him into battle; and Ptolemy, the king, brought forth the host, and came to him in (or with) (a) strong hand, and drove him away.

16 And Alexander flew into Arabia, for to be defended there; soothly king Ptolemy was enhanced (or was exalted).

17 And Zabdiel of Arabia took away Alexander’s head, and sent (it) to Ptolemy.

18 And king Ptolemy was dead in the third day (after); and they that were in (the) strengths perished, of them that were within the castles (and those who were in the strongholds, perished by those who were in the villages).

19 And Demetrius reigned in the hundred year and seven and sixtieth.

20 In those days Jonathan gathered them that were in Judea, for to overcome the high tower, that is in Jerusalem; and they made against it many engines.

21 And some wicked men, that hated their (own) folk, went to the king Demetrius [or went to king Demetrius], and told to him, that Jonathan besieged the high tower.

22 And as he heard (this), he was wroth, and anon (or at once) he came to Ptolemais, and wrote to Jonathan, that he should not besiege the high tower, but should come to him in haste, to speak together.

23 Soothly as Jonathan heard (this), he commanded for to besiege (it still); and he chose (some) of the elder men of Israel, and (the) priests, and gave him(self) to peril.

24 And he took gold, and silver, and cloth(es), and many other presents; and went to the king, to Ptolemais, and found grace in the sight of him.

25 And some wicked men of his folk asked against him;

26 and the king did to him, as they that were before him, did to him; and he enhanced (or exalted) him in (the) sight of all his friends,

27 and ordained to him (the) princehood of (the) priesthood, and whatever other precious things (that) he had before; and made him prince of his friends.

28 And Jonathan asked of the king, that he should make Judea free, and (also the) three princehoods of three places, and Samaria, and nigh coasts thereof; and he promised to him (in return) three hundred talents. (And Jonathan requested to the king, that he would make Judea, and the three regions of Samaria, free from tribute, or taxes; and he promised him three hundred talents in return.)

29 And the king consented, and wrote to Jonathan epistles of (or about) all these things, containing (or in) this manner.

30 King Demetrius to Jonathan, brother, health, and to the folk of (the) Jews.

31 The ensample of (the) epistle, which we have written to Lasthenes, our father, of you, we sent to you, that ye should know. (A copy of the letter, which we have written to Lasthenes, our kinsman, about you, we now send you, so that ye can know what I have written.)

32 King Demetrius to Lasthenes, father (or our kinsman), health.

33 To the people of (the) Jews, our friends, and keeping which things be just with us, we deemed for to do well, for (the) benignity of them that they have with us.

34 Therefor we ordained to them, all the coasts of Judea, and (the) three cities of offerings [or and three cities], Lydda, and Ramathaim, and Apherema, that be added to Judea, and Samaria (or from Samaria), and all the nigh coast of them, for to be sequestered, or parted, to all men doing sacrifice in Jerusalem, for these things that the king took before of them by all years, and for (the) fruits of the earth, and of apples (or to replace the things that the king received before from them yearly, or annually, out of the fruits of the earth, and of the trees).

35 And of other things that pertained to us, of tithes, and tributes, from this time (forth) we forgive to them; and the plain places of salt-making, and the crowns that were borne to us (or the crown taxes, that be due to us), all things we grant to them;

36 and nothing of these shall be void, from this time and into all time.

37 Now therefore busy ye for to make (an) ensample (or a copy) of these things, and be it given to Jonathan, and be (it) put in the holy mount, and in the solemn [or in the holy] place, (or and set it upon the holy mount in a prominent place).

38 And king Demetrius saw, that the land was still in his sight, and that nothing against-stood him, and left (or let go) all his host, each man into his (own) place, except the strange host (or except for the host of strangers, or of foreigners), that he drew from (the) isles of (the) heathen men; and all the hosts of his fathers were enemies to him.

39 Forsooth one Tryphon was of the parts of Alexander before, and he saw that all the host grudged (or grumbled) against Demetrius; and he went to Imalcue (the) Arabian, that nourished (up) (or who had nursed) Antiochus, the son of Alexander.

40 And he made great instance (or great insistence) to him, that he should betake him to him, for to reign instead of his father; and [he] told out to him, how great things Demetrius had done, and the enmities of his hosts against him; and he dwelt there many days.

41 And Jonathan sent to king Demetrius, that he should cast out them [or that he should cast them out], that were in the high tower in Jerusalem, and which were in (the) helps, or (the) strengths, (or in the strongholds), for they impugned Israel.

42 And Demetrius sent to Jonathan, and said, [or saying], Not only this I shall do to (or for) thee, and thy folk, but I shall make thee noble by glory, and thy folk, when it shall be covenable (or opportune).

43 Now therefore rightly thou shalt do, if thou shalt send men into help to me (or shall send men to help me), for all mine host went away.

44 And Jonathan sent to him three thousand of strong men, to Antioch; and they came to the king, and the king delighted in the coming of them.

45 And there came together that were of the city sixscore thousand of men [or an hundred and twenty thousand of men], and would slay the king.

46 And the king fled into the hall. And they that were of the city occupied the ways of the city, and begun for to fight.

47 And the king called (the) Jews into help, and all came together to him, and all were scattered by the city; and slew in that day an hundred thousand of men,

48 and [they] burnt the city, and took many spoils in that day, and delivered the king.

49 And they saw, (they) that were of the city, that (the) Jews had taken the city as they would; and they were made unsteadfast in their soul, and cried to the king with prayers, and said, [or saying],

50 Give to us right hands, and cease the Jews for to fight against us and the city.

51 And they casted away their armours, (or their arms, or weapons), and made peace. And (the) Jews were glorified in the sight of the king, and in the sight of all men that were in his realm, and were named in the realm. And they went again into Jerusalem, having many spoils.

52 And king Demetrius sat in the seat of his realm (or on the throne of his kingdom), and the land was still (or quiet) in his sight.

53 And he lied (in) all things, whatever he said, and aliened him(self) from Jonathan, and yielded not to him by [or after] (the) benefices, which he had given to him; and Demetrius travailed him greatly. (But he lied in everything, whatever he said, and alienated himself from Jonathan, and yielded not to him after the benefits, which he had received from him; and so Demetrius troubled him greatly.)

54 After these things Tryphon (re)turned again, and (had) Antiochus, a young child, with him; and (he) reigned, and putted on him a diadem.

55 And all (the) hosts were gathered (un)to him, which king Demetrius (had) scattered; and they fought against him, and he flew, and turned backs.

56 And Tryphon took (the) beasts, that is, (the) elephants of the host of Demetrius, and wielded Antioch.

57 And Antiochus the young wrote to Jonathan, and said, [or saying], I ordain to thee (the high) priesthood, and I ordain thee on (the) four cities, (and) that thou be (one) of the king’s friends.

58 And he sent to him golden vessels, into ministry (or for service), and gave to him power to drink in gold, and for to be in purple, and for to have a golden lace, either (an) ouch, (or a clasp, or a buckle).

59 And he ordained Simon, his brother, duke from the ends of Tyre, till to the ends of Egypt.

60 And Jonathan went out, and walked over the flood (or beyond the river) by the cities; and all the host of Syria was gathered to him into help. And he came to Ascalon, and they of the city came against him worshipfully (or they of the city came out to meet him honourably or with due honour or deference).

61 And from thence he went to Gaza, and they that were at Gaza closed (up) them(selves) (al)together, and he besieged it. And he burnt what things were in compass of the city, and spoiled it by (or for) prey.

62 And (the) men of Gaza prayed Jonathan, and he gave to them (the) right hand, either peace. And he took the sons of them in(to) hostage (or for hostages), or (as) pledges, and he sent them into Jerusalem, and walked through the country till to Damascus.

63 And Jonathan heard, that the princes of Demetrius trespassed in Kedesh, that is in Galilee, with much host, willing (or desiring) to remove him from (the) need of the realm;

64 and he came against them (or he came to meet them). Forsooth he left Simon, his brother, within the province.

65 And Simon applied to (or encamped at) Bethsura, and fought against it (for) many days, and closed (up) (al)together them [or and closed them (up) (al)together].

66 And they asked of him for to take right hands, and he gave (it) to them. And he casted out them from thence [or And he casted them out from thence], and took the city, and putted therein (a) strength (or a stronghold).

67 And Jonathan and his host applied to the water of Gennesar, (or encamped at the Lake of Gennesaret or at Lake Galilee), and before the light they walked in the light of Asor [or and before the light they walked in the field of Asor].

68 And lo! the hosts of aliens came against (them) (or met them) in the field, and setted to him espies, (or ambushments, or men in ambush), in the hills. Soothly he came against (them) of (or on) the contrary part.

69 Soothly the espies or the ambushments, (that is, the men in ambush), rose up (out) of their places, and joined battle. And all that were of Jonathan’s part fled,

70 and no man of them was left, no but Mattathias, son of Absalom, and Judas, son of Chalphi, prince(s) of (the) knighthood and host (or the leaders of the army).

71 And Jonathan rent (or tore) his clothings, and putted earth in (or on) his head, and prayed.

72 And Jonathan (re)turned again to them into battle, and (al)together turned them into flight, and fought (them).

73 And they of his part that fled saw (this), and they (re)turned again to him, and pursued with him till to Kedesh, to their (own) tents, and fully [they] came till thither.

74 And there felled down in that day of (the) aliens three thousand of them, and Jonathan (re)turned again into Jerusalem.

12 And Jonathan saw that the time helped him; and he chose men, and sent them to Rome, for to ordain and renew friendship with them.

And to (the) Spartans (or to the Lacedaemonians), and to other places, he sent epistles by [or after] the same form.

And they went to Rome, and entered into the court, and said, Jonathan, (the) highest priest, and the folk of (the) Jews, sent us, for to renew friendship and fellowship, by, [or after], (or as in) the former (times).

And they gave to them epistles to them by places, (so) that they should lead forth them [or that they should lead them forth] into the land of Judea with peace.

And this is the ensample of (the) epistles, which Jonathan wrote to (the) Spartans (or to the Lacedaemonians).

Jonathan, (the) highest priest, and the elder men of the folk, and (the) priests, and (the) other people of (the) Jews, to (the) Spartans (or to the Lacedaemonians), brethren, health.

Now before epistles were sent to Onias, (the) highest priest, from Darius, that reigned with you; for ye be our brethren, as the rescript, [or (the) writing], containeth, that is under-put.

And Onias received the man, that was sent, with honour [or And Onias received the man with honour, that was sent], and took (the) epistles (and received the letters), in which was signified of (the) fellowship and friendship.

When we had no need of these, and had in comfort [or having in solace] (the) holy books that be in our hands, we had rather for to send to you,

10 for to renew brotherhood and friendship, lest peradventure we be made aliens from you (or be made strangers to you); for why many times passed, since ye sent to us.

11 We therefore in all time without ceasing, in solemn days, and others, in which it behooveth, be mindful of you in (the) sacrifices that we offer, and in observances, as leaveful is (or as it is lawful), and beseemeth, for to have had mind of (our) brethren.

12 Therefore we be glad of your glory.

13 Forsooth many tribulations and many battles environed us; and kings, that be in our compass, fought against us.

14 Therefore we would not be grievous to you, neither to other fellows, and our friends, in these battles.

15 For we had help of (or from) heaven, and be delivered, and our enemies be made low.

16 Therefore we have chosen Numenius, the son of Antiochus, and Antipater, son of Jason, and sent (them) to (the) Romans, for to renew with them both friendship and former fellowship.

17 Therefore we commanded to them, that they come also to you, and greet you, and yield to you our epistles of (the) renewing of our brotherhood.

18 And now ye shall do well, answering to us to [or of] these things.

19 And this is the rescript, or (the) again-writing, of (the) epistles, that Oniares (or that Arius), the king of (the) Spartans, sent. (And this is the copy of the letter that Arius sent to Onias.)

20 Oniares (or Arius) to Jonathan, great priest, health. (Arius king of the Spartans, or of the Lacedaemonians, to Onias, the great priest, greetings.)

21 It is found in (the) writing of (the) Spartans (or of the Lacedaemonians), and of (the) Jews, that they be brethren, and that they be of the kin of Abraham.

22 And now since we know these things, ye do well, writing to us of your peace.

23 But and we have again-written to you [or But and we again-write to you]. Our beasts and our possessions be yours, and yours ours. Therefore we command (our legates), for to tell these things to you.

24 And (then) Jonathan heard, that the princes of Demetrius went out with much host, over that (than) before, for to fight against him.

25 And he went out from Jerusalem, and ran against them (or met them) in the country of Hamath; for he gave no space to them, for to enter into his country.

26 And he sent espies into (or unto) the tents of them, and they (re)turned again, and told (him), that they ordained for to come over thither in (the) night.

27 And when the sun had gone down, Jonathan bade his men (to) wake (or to watch), and be ready in armours, (or with arms, or weapons) to battle all (the) night. And he setted keepers by compass of (the) tents (or about the host);

28 and (the) adversaries heard, that Jonathan was ready with his men in battle, and they dreaded, and inwardly were aghast in their heart(s), and tended fires in their tents (or in their camp), as if they dwelled still in their tents, but they fled privily (away).

29 Forsooth Jonathan, and they that were with him, knew not till to the morrow; for they saw (the) lights burning.

30 And Jonathan (pur)sued them, and caught not them, [or and caught them not], (or but could not catch them); for they passed (over) the flood Eleutherus.

31 And Jonathan turned to (the) Arabians, that were called Zabadeans; and smote them, and took spoils of (or from) them;

32 and [he] joined in gathering together his host, and came to Damascus, and walked by (or through) all that country.

33 Forsooth Simon went out, and came till to Ascalon, and to the next strengths (or to the next strongholds); and he bowed down into Joppa, and occupied it.

34 For he heard, that they would give (the) help (or the stronghold) to (the) parties (or to the supporters) of Demetrius; and he putted there keepers, for to keep it.

35 And Jonathan (re)turned again, and called together the elder men of the people, and thought with them for to build strengths (or strongholds) in Judea,

36 and for to build walls in Jerusalem, and for to raise a great height (or a mound), betwixt the middle of the high tower and the city, for to part (or to separate) it from the city, (so) that it were alone, and neither they buy, neither sell [or nor sell], (in it).

37 And they came together, for to build (up) the city. And the wall fell down (al)together (or And the wall had completely fallen down), that was on the stream, from the rising of the sun; and he repaired it, that is called Caphenatha.

38 And Simon builded Adida in Sephela, and strengthened it, and putted on gates and locks.

39 And when Tryphon thought for to reign at (or in) Asia, and take a diadem, and stretch out (his) hand into (or upon) Antiochus (the) king [or into (or upon) king Antiochus],

40 he dreaded, lest peradventure Jonathan should not suffer (or allow) him, but fight against him; and he sought for to catch him, and slay (him). And he rose up, and went into Bethshan.

41 And Jonathan went out against him (or to meet him), with forty thousand of chosen men into battle, and came to Bethshan.

42 And Tryphon saw, that Jonathan came with (a) much host, for to stretch out hands into (or against) him.

43 And (so) he dreaded, and (or but) received him with honour, and commended him to all his friends; and gave to him gifts, and commanded to his hosts, for to obey to him as to himself.

44 And he said to Jonathan, Whereto (or Why) hast thou travailed all the people, when battle is not to us?

45 And now send again them into their (own) houses [or And now send them again into their houses]. But choose thou to thee (or for thyself) a few men, that be with thee, and come thou with me to Ptolemais, and I shall give it to thee, and other strengths, and host(s) (or other strongholds, and armies), and all sovereigns of offices [or and all provosts, or sovereigns, of need]; and I shall (re)turn, and I shall go away. For why therefore I came.

46 And he believed to him, and did as he said, and left the host (or And Jonathan believed Tryphon, and did as he said, and let go, or sent away, his army); and they went away into the land of Judea.

47 Forsooth he withheld with him(self) three thousand of men, of which he sent again into Galilee two thousand; soothly a thousand came with him.

48 Forsooth as Jonathan entered into Ptolemais, (the) men of Ptolemais shutted the gates, and caught (hold of) him; and slew by (the) sword, all that entered with him. [Forsooth as Jonathan entered into Ptolemais, men of Ptolemais shut the gates and caught him; and all that entered with him they slew with sword.]

49 And Tryphon sent (an) host, and horsemen into Galilee, and into the great field, for to lose (or to destroy) all the fellows of Jonathan.

50 And when they knew that Jonathan was taken, and (had) perished, and all that were with him, they admonished themselves, and went out ready into battle.

51 And they saw that pursued, that thing was to them for the life, and turned (back) again. (And so they that pursued them, saw that they were ready to fight for their lives, and turned back again.) [And they seeing, that pursued, for for the soul, or life, the thing is to them, turned (back) again.]

52 Forsooth they came all with peace into the land of Judea. And they bewailed Jonathan greatly, and all that were with him, and Israel mourned with great mourning.

53 And all (the) heathen men that were in the compass of them, sought for to all-break them; for they said, They have no prince and helper [or They have no prince and helping]; now therefore overcome we them, and take away from men the mind (or the memory) of them.

13 And as Simon heard, that Tryphon (had) gathered a great host, for to come into the land of Judea, and for to destroy it,

and saw that the people was in trembling and dread, he went up to Jerusalem, and gathered the people;

and admonished, and said, Ye know, how great things I, and my brethren, and the house of my father, have done, for (the) laws, and for (the) holy things (or and for the Temple), (the) battles, and what manner anguishes we saw.

For love, [or For grace, or cause], of these things all my brethren perished for Israel, and I alone am left.

And now befall it not to me, for to spare my (own) life, [or my soul], in all the time of tribulation; for I am no better than my brethren.

Therefore I shall (a)venge my folk, and holy things (or and the Temple), and our children, and (our) wives; for all (the) heathen men be gathered, for to destroy us, because of enmity.

And the spirit of the people was kindled together, as it (or as they) heard these words.

And they answered with (a) great (or with a loud) voice, saying, Thou art our duke instead of Judas, and Jonathan, thy brother(s);

fight thou our battle(s), and all things whatever thou shalt say to us, we shall do.

10 And he gathered all (the) men fighters, and hast(en)ed for to end (or to finish) all the walls of Jerusalem, and [he] strengthened it in compass.

11 And he sent Jonathan, the son of Absalom, and with him a new host, into Joppa. And when he had put out [or cast out] these men that were in it, he dwelt there.

12 And Tryphon moved from Ptolemais, with much host, for to come into the land of Judea, and Jonathan (was) with him in keeping (or as his prisoner).

13 Forsooth Simon applied in Adida (or But Simon encamped at Adida), (over) against the face of the field.

14 And as Tryphon knew, that Simon rose (up), in the stead of his brother Jonathan [or instead of his brother Jonathan], and that he was to joining battle with him, he sent to him legates (or messengers), and said, [or saying],

15 For (the) silver, that thy brother Jonathan ought (or owed), in (the) accounts of the king, (is the reason that) we (have) withheld him.

16 And now send thou an hundred talents of silver, and his two sons (as) pledges (or as hostages), (so) that he not dismissed (or released) flee from us, and we shall again-send him (or we shall let him go).

17 And Simon knew, that with guile he spake with him. Nevertheless he commanded the silver for to be given, and (the) children, lest he should take (or get) great enmity of (or from) the people of Israel,

18 saying, For he sent not to him (the) silver and (the) children, therefore he (Jonathan) perished.

19 And he sent the children, and an hundred talents. And he lied, and dismissed not Jonathan (or But Tryphon lied, and would not let Jonathan go).

20 And after these things, Tryphon came within the country, for to destroy it. And they compassed by the way that leadeth to Adora; and Simon and his host walked into each place, whither ever they went.

21 Soothly they that were in the high tower, sent legates, or messengers, to Tryphon, for to hasten (himself) to come by (the) desert, and send to them foods.

22 And Tryphon made ready all the multitude of horsemen, for to come in that night. Soothly there was full much snow, and (so) he came not (there, but instead went) into Gilead. [And Tryphon made ready all the riding, for to come in that night; soothly there was full much snow, and he came not into Gilead.]

23 And when he nighed to (or approached) Bascama, he slew Jonathan, and his sons, there.

24 And (then) Tryphon (re)turned, and went into his land.

25 And Simon sent, and took the bones of Jonathan, his brother, and buried those in Modin, the city of his fathers.

26 And all Israel bewailed him with great wailing, and they bemourned him [or and they mourned him] (for) many days.

27 And Simon builded on the sepulchre of his father and his brethren an high building in (or to) the sight, with stone(s) polished, or fair dighted, (or hewn), behind and before. [And Simon builded on the sepulchre of his father and his brethren an high building, with stone polished behind and before.]

28 And he ordained seven small buildings, broad beneath and sharp above, one against one, to (or for) (his) father, and (his) mother, and (his) four brethren.

29 And to these he putted about great pillars, and on the pillars (their) armours, to (or for) everlasting mind; and beside (the) armours ships graven (or carved), [or and beside (the) armours graven ships], which should be seen of (or by) men sailing in (or on) the sea.

30 This is the sepulchre that Simon made in Modin, (and it standeth there) till into this day.

31 Forsooth when Tryphon made way with Antiochus, the young king, in guile he slew him,

32 and reigned in his stead; and [he] putted on him(self) the diadem of Asia, and made great vengeance in the land.

33 And Simon builded (the) strengths of Judea (or And Simon built up the strongholds of Judea), and warded them with high towers, and great walls, and gates, and locks; and putted foods in (the) strengthenings (or put food in those strongholds).

34 And Simon chose men, and sent to King Demetrius, (so) that he should make remission (or give forgiveness) to the country, for all (the) deeds of Tryphon were done by ravishing.

35 And king Demetrius answered to him to (or with) these words, and wrote such an epistle. [And to these words king Demetrius answered to him, and wrote such an epistle.]

36 King Demetrius to Simon, (the) highest priest, and friend of kings, and to the elder men, and folk of (the) Jews, health.

37 We received the golden crown, and (the) baheu, that is, an ornament of (or for) the neck, made with gold rings, which ye sent [or The golden crown, and baheu, which ye sent, we received], and be ready for to make with you great peace, and for to write to (the) provosts of the king, for to release to you what things we forgave;

38 for whatever things we ordain to you, be stable. The strengths that ye builded, be to you (or The strongholds that ye have built, be yours);

39 and we forgive ignorances and sins, till into this day, and the crown that ye ought (or also the crown tax that ye owe us); and if any other thing was tributary, either bound to tribute, in Jerusalem, now be it not tributary.

40 And if any of you be able for to be written together among our men, be they written together, and peace be betwixt us.

41 In the hundred year and seventieth, the yoke of (the) heathen men was taken away from Israel.

42 And the people began to write in tables (or on tablets), and common [or open] doings, in the first year under Simon, (the) highest priest, (the) great duke, and prince of (the) Jews.

43 In those days Simon applied to Gazara (or encamped at Gazara), and environed it with tents, either men of armours, [or men of arms], (or with armed men), and made engines, and applied to the city (and set them close to the city), and smote one tower [or and smote a tower], and took it.

44 And they that brake out, were within the engine in the city (or And they that were within the engine, brake out into the city), and (then a) great stirring was made in the city.

45 And they went up, that were in the city, with their wives, and sons, on the wall(s), with their coats cut, (or rent, or torn), and cried with (a) great (or with a loud) voice, asking of Simon that right hands be given to them,

46 and said, Yield thou not to us by our malices, but by thy mercies, and we shall serve to thee. [and said, Yield thou not to us after our malices, but after thy mercies, and we shall serve to thee.]

47 And Simon was bowed, either folded, and fought not against them; nevertheless he casted them out of the city, and cleansed fully the houses in which were simulacra (or idols), and then he entered into it with hymns, and blessed the Lord. [And Simon was bowed, or folded, fought not against them, or overcame not them; nevertheless he casted them out of the city, and cleansed out the houses in which were simulacra, and then he entered into it with hymns, blessing the Lord.]

48 And when all uncleanness was cast out thereof, he setted therein men, that should do the law; and he strengthened it, and made an habitation to (or for) him(self). [And all uncleanness cast out thereof, he set therein men, that should do the law; and he strengthened it, and made to (or for) him(self) (an) habitation.]

49 Forsooth they that were in the high tower of Jerusalem, were forbidden for to go out and go in, into the country, and buy, and sell; and they hungered greatly, and many of them perished for hunger.

50 And they cried to Simon, for to take right hands, and he gave (it) to them; and he casted out them from thence, and cleansed the high tower from defoulings (or defilings).

51 And they entered into it in the three and twentieth day of the second month, in the hundred and one and seventy year, with praising, and branches of palms, and instruments of music, either gitterns, (or citherns), and cymbals, and harps, [or psalteries], and hymns, and songs, for the great enemy of Israel was all-broken.

52 And he ordained, that in all years these days should be done with gladness. And he strengthened the hill of the temple, that was beside the high tower, and dwelt there, he, and they that were with him.

53 And Simon saw John, his son, that he was a man of battle, and he putted him duke of all virtues, that is, warriors, (or of all the hosts), and he dwelt in Gazara.

14 In the hundred and two and seventy [or and seventieth] year, king Demetrius gathered his host, and went to Media, for to draw together helps to (or for) him(self), for to overcome Tryphon.

And as Arsaces, (the) king of Persia and Media, heard that Demetrius entered into his nigh coasts, he sent one of his princes, for to take him quick (or alive), and (so) that he should bring him (back) to himself.

And he went, and smote the host of Demetrius, and took him, and led him to Arsaces, and he putted him into keeping (or into prison).

And the land of Judea was still, either peaceable, in all the days of Simon, and he sought good things of (or for) his folk; and his power and his glory pleased them in all days.

And with all his glory he took Joppa into haven, and made entry into (the) isles of the sea;

and alarged (or enlarged) the coasts of his people, and wielded the country.

And he gathered much captivity, and was lord in Gazara, and Bethsura, and the high tower; and he did away (the) uncleannesses of it, and there was not that against-stood him.

And each man tilled his own land in peace, and the land of Judea gave his (or its) fruits, and (the) trees of (the) fields [or and trees of the field] their fruit.

(The) Elder men sat all in (the) streets [or All elder men sat in streets], and treated of (the) goods of the land; and (the) young men clothed them(selves) in glory, and (the) stoles of battle, that is armours, in the time of peace.

10 And to the cities he gave foods, and ordained those, that those were vessels of strengthening [or and ordained them, that they were vessels of strengthening], till that the name of his glory was named till to the last of (the) earth.

11 He made peace on the land, and Israel was glad [or gladded] with great gladness;

12 and each man sat under his vine, and under his fig tree, neither there was that feared them (or and there was none that made them afraid).

13 The fighting man against them failed on (the) earth; (the) kings were all-broken in those days.

14 And he confirmed all meek men of his people, and he sought out the law, and did away all evil and wickedness;

15 and he glorified holy things, and multiplied vessels of holy things. (and he beautified the Temple, and multiplied the vessels of the Temple.)

16 And it was heard at Rome, that Jonathan was dead, and till into (the) Spartans, and they were full sorrowful.

17 Forsooth as they heard, that Simon, his brother, was made highest priest in his stead, and he wielded the country, and (the) cities in it,

18 they wrote to him in brazen tables (or on bronze tablets), for to renew (the) friendship, and fellowship, that they made with Judas and Jonathan, his brethren;

19 and they were read in the sight of the church (or the congregation) in Jerusalem.

20 And this is the ensample (or a copy) of (the) epistles, that (the) Spartans (or the Lacedaemonians) sent. The prince and the cities, that is, (the) governors of the cities, of (the) Spartans (or of the Lacedaemonians) to Simon, (the) great priest, and to the elder men, and priests, and to (the) other people of (the) Jews, brethren, health.

21 (The) Legates that were sent to our people, told to us of your glory, and honour, and gladness, and we joyed in (or at) the entry of them.

22 And we have written what things were said of them in (the) councils [or in (the) council] of (the) people, thus. Numenius, the son of Antiochus, and Antipater, the son of Jason, (the) legates of (the) Jews, came to us, and renewed with us the former friendship.

23 And it pleased to the people, for to receive the men gloriously, and to put (an) ensample of their words in departed books of the people (or and to put a copy of their address in the public records), that it be to mind to the people of (the) Spartans (or so that it be in the mind of, or remembered by, the Lacedaemonians); forsooth we have written (an) ensample (or a copy) of these things to Simon, the great priest.

24 Forsooth after these things, Simon sent Numenius to Rome, having a great golden shield, in (the) weight of a thousand bezants, for to ordain fellowship with them.

25 Soothly when the people of Rome heard these words, they said, What doing of thankings shall we yield to Simon, and his sons?

26 For he restored his brethren, and overcame the enemies of Israel from them. And they ordained to him liberty, [Forsooth he restored his brethren, and overcame the enemies of Israel from them. And they ordained to them (their) liberty,]

27 and wrote in brazen tables, and (the) Jews putted in titles, in the mount of Zion (or and wrote it on bronze tablets, which the Jews set upon pillars on mount Zion). And this is (an) ensample (or a copy) of (the) writing. In the eighteenth day of the month Elul, that is, August, in the hundred and two and seventy [or and seventieth] year, the third year under Simon, (the) great priest,

28 in Saramel, in the great coming together of (the) priests, (and) of the people, and (the) princes, and (the) folk, and the elder men [or and seniors] of the country, these things were made known;

29 for many times battles were done [or be made] in your country. Forsooth Simon, the son of Mattathias, of the sons of Jarib, and his brethren, gave themselves to peril, and against-stood (the) adversaries of their folk, (so) that their holy things (or their Temple) and (the) law should stand; and by great glory they glorified their folk (or and they brought great glory to their people).

30 And Jonathan gathered his folk (together), and was made to them a great priest, and is put to his people.

31 And the enemies of them would defoul (the) holy things, and destroy the country of them, and stretch forth hands into (the) holy things of them. (And their enemies would defile the Temple, and destroy their country, and stretch forth hands upon their Temple.)

32 Then Simon against-stood, and fought for his people, and gave many riches [or and gave much money], and armed (the) men of virtue of his folk, and gave to them solds (or wages);

33 and strengthened the cities of Judea, and Bethsura, that was in the ends of Judea, where before were (the) armours of (the) enemies, and he putted there (a) help, [or (a) strength], (or a stronghold), (yea), (with) men of (the) Jews.

34 And he strengthened Joppa, that was at the sea, and Gazara, that was in the coasts of Azotus, in which (the) enemies (had) dwelt before; and he setted there Jews, and whatever things were able to (the) amending of them, he putted in them.

35 And the people saw the doing of Simon, and (the) glory that he thought for to do to (or for) his folk, and they made him their duke, and prince of priests, for that he had done all these things, and (for the) rightwiseness, and faith that he kept to his folk; and he sought out in all manner for to raise (up) his people.

36 And in his days it had prosperity in his hands, (so) that (the) heathen men were taken away from the country of them, (and) which were (also) in the city of David in Jerusalem, in the high tower, from which they came out, and defouled all things that were in compass of holy things (or from which they came out, and defiled all the things that were around the Temple), and gave great wound to (its) chastity (or to its purity).

37 And he setted therein men Jews, to defending of the country, and (the) city, and raised (up) the walls in (or of) Jerusalem.

38 And king Demetrius ordained to him the highest priesthood;

39 by this he made him his friend, and glorified him in great glory.

40 For he heard, that (the) Jews were called of (or by) (the) Romans friends, and fellows, and brethren, and that they received (the) legates (or the ambassadors) of Simon gloriously;

41 and that (the) Jews, and (the) priests of them, consented, him for to be their duke, and highest priest [into] without end, till there rise a faithful prophet;

42 and that he be duke on them, and care, or busyness, were to him for (the) holy things; and that he should ordain governors [or provosts] on the works of them, and on the country, and on armours, and on strengths; and care be to him of (the) holy things; (and that he be the leader over them, and that he should take charge of the Temple; and that he should ordain governors over their works, and over the country, and over the armour, or the arms, or the weapons, and over the strongholds; and that he should take charge of the Temple;)

43 and that he be heard of (or obeyed by all) men, and all (the) writings in the country be written together under the name of him, and that he be covered with purple and gold;

44 and that it be not leaveful to (or lawful for) any of the people, and to (or for) priests, for to make anything of these void, and against-say (or say against, or gainsay) to these things that be said of (or by) him, either for to call together (a) convent (or an assembly) in the country without him; and for to be clothed in purple, and for to use a golden lace, or (an) ouch (or to be clothed in purple, or to wear a gold clasp, or a buckle).

45 Soothly he that shall do without this, either [or] shall make void any of these (things), shall be guilty.

46 And (so) it pleased (al)together to all the people, for to ordain Simon, and do by [or and to do after] these words.

47 And Simon received (this), and it pleased him, that he should use [or that he was set in] (the) high priesthood or (the) highest priesthood, and be duke and prince of the folk of (the) Jews, and priests, and be the sovereign of all men.

48 And they ordained for to put this writing in brazen tables, and put them in the wall about the compassing of (the) holy things [or and put them in the walking place of holy things], in solemn place; (And they ordained to put this writing on bronze tablets, and to put them within the Temple area, or precincts, in an esteemed or a prominent place;)

49 forsooth for to put (an) ensample of these in the treasury, (so) that Simon have and his sons. (and also to put a copy of them in the treasury, so that Simon and his sons would have them.)

15 And king Antiochus, the son of Demetrius, sent epistles from (the) isles of the sea to Simon, the priest, and prince of the folk of (the) Jews, and to all the folk;

and those were containing this manner (and they contained these contents). King Antiochus to Simon, (the) great priest, and to the folk of (the) Jews, health.

For (as) some men bearing pestilence wielded the realm of our fathers, forsooth I will challenge the realm, and restore it, as it was before; I made a chosen multitude of host, and I made ships of war [or I made the chosen multitude of host, and made ships of war].

Forsooth I will go forth by countries (or through the country), (so) that I do vengeance on them that destroyed our country, and that made many cities desolate in my realm.

Now therefore I ordain, either confirm, to thee all (the) offerings, that (the) kings before me forgave to thee, and whatever other gifts they forgave to thee;

and I suffer (or I allow) thee for to make print, or smiting, of thine own money, in thy region, or (in thy) country.

Soothly I suffer Jerusalem for to be holy and free (or And I allow Jerusalem and the Temple to be free), and all armours, (or all arms, or weapons) that be made, and strengths (or strongholds), that thou hast made out, and that thou holdest, dwell to thee (or to remain with thee);

and all debt of (or owing to) the king, and those that be to coming of (the) king’s things, from this time and into all-time be forgiven to thee [or from this into all-time be forgiven to thee].

Soothly when we shall wield our realm, we shall glorify thee, and thy folk, and (thy) temple, with great glory, so that your glory be showed in all (the) earth.

10 In the hundred year and four and seventieth year (or In the hundred and four and seventieth year) Antiochus went out into the land of his fathers, and all (the) hosts came together to him, so that few were left with Tryphon.

11 And king Antiochus pursued him, and Tryphon came into Dora, and fled [or fleeing] by the sea coast;

12 for he knew, that evils were gathered on him, and (that) the host forsook him.

13 And Antiochus applied on Dora (or encamped at Dora), with sixscore thousand [or with an hundred and twenty thousand] of fighting men, and eight thousand of horsemen;

14 and he compassed the city, and ships came from the sea; and they travailed the city by land and (by) sea, and suffered (or allowed) no man for to enter, either [or] go out.

15 Forsooth Numenius came, and they that were with him, from Rome, and had epistles written to (the) kings and countries [or having epistles written to kings and countries], in which these things were contained.

16 Lucius, consul, or chief governor, of (the) Romans, to king Ptolemy, health.

17 (The) Legates, either messengers, of (the) Jews came to us, our friends, renewing the former friendship and fellowship, sent of Simon, (the) prince of priests, and (the) people of (the) Jews. (The ambassadors of the Jews, who be our friends, came to us to renew the former friendship and fellowship, sent from Simon, the high priest, and from the people of the Jews.)

18 Soothly they brought also a golden shield of a thousand bezants.

19 Therefore [or And so] it pleased to us for to write to (the) kings and countries, that they do not (do) evils to them, neither impugn (or fight against) them, and their cities, and their countries, and that they bear not help to men fighting against them.

20 Forsooth it is seen to us, for to receive of (or from) them the shield.

21 Therefore if any men of pestilence shall flee from the country of them to you, betake ye them to Simon, (the) prince of priests, (so) that he do vengeance on them by [or after] his law.

22 These same things be written to king Demetrius, and Attalus, and Ariarathes, and Arsaces,

23 and into all (the) countries, and (to) Sampsames, and (the) Spartans (or the Lacedaemonians), and Delus, and Myndus, and Sicyon, and Caria, and Samos, and Pamphylia, and Lycia, and Halicarnassus, and Rhodes, and Aradus (or Phaselis), and Cos, and Side, and Aradus, and Gortyna, and Cnidus, and Cyprus, and Cyrene.

24 Forsooth they have written (an) ensample (or a copy) of these to Simon, (the) prince of priests, and to the people of (the) Jews. [Forsooth (the) ensample of these they have written to Simon, prince of priests, and to the people of Jews.]

25 Forsooth Antiochus, the king, applied tents in Dora (or pitched his tents at Dora) the second time, moving to it evermore hands, and making engines; and he closed (up) (al)together Tryphon, lest he went out.

26 And Simon sent to him two thousand of chosen men, into help, and silver, and gold, and plenteous vessels;

27 and he would not take those. But he brake all things that he covenanted with him before, and aliened (or alienated) himself from him.

28 And he sent to him Athenobius, one of his friends, for to treat with him, and said, Ye hold Joppa, and Gazara, and the high tower that is in Jerusalem, cities of my realm;

29 ye have wasted the coasts of them, and have done great destroying in the land, and without (or throughout) the coasts of Judea ye be lords by many places in my realm. [the coasts of them ye have wasted, and have done a great vengeance in the land, and ye lordship by many places in my realm.]

30 Now therefore give ye the cities, which ye occupied, and (the) tributes of places, of which ye be lords [or which ye lordship], out of (the) ends of Judea.

31 Either [Or] else give ye for them five hundred talents of silver, and of (or for) (the) destroying that ye have destroyed, and of (or for) (the) tributes of (the) cities, (an)other five hundred talents; either [or] else we shall come, and overcome you.

32 And Athenobius, (the) friend of the king, came into Jerusalem, and saw the glory of Simon, and clearness, in gold, and silver, and plenteous apparel, and was astonied (or astonished); and [he] told to him the words of the king.

33 And Simon answered, and said to him, Neither we took alien land, neither withheld other men’s things, but (this is the) heritage of our fathers, that was wielded sometime unjustly of (or by) our enemies.

34 Soothly we have time, and challenge the heritage of our fathers. [Soothly we, having time, challenge the heritage of our fathers.]

35 For why of Joppa and Gazara that thou askest (for), they did great vengeance in (or to) our people, and [in our] country; of these we give an hundred talents (or we shall give thee an hundred talents for them). And Athenobius answered not a word.

36 Soothly he (re)turned again with wrath to the king, and told again to him these words, and the glory of Simon, and all (the) things that he saw. And the king was wroth with great wrath.

37 Forsooth Tryphon flew (or fled) by ship into Orthosia.

38 And the king ordained Cendebeus, duke of the sea coast, and gave to him (an) host of footmen and horsemen;

39 and commanded him for to move (his) tents against (or towards) the face of Judah; and commanded him for to (re)build Kedron, and (to) stop (or to strengthen) the gates of the city, and overcome the people; forsooth the king (himself) pursued Tryphon.

40 And Cendebeus came to Jamnia, and began for to stir the people to wrath, and for to defoul Judea, and make the people captive, and slay (them),

41 and (to) (re)build Kedron. And he setted there horsemen and (a) host, (so) that they should go out, and should walk by (the) way(s) of Judea, as the king ordained to him.

16 And John ascended or went up from Gazara, and told to Simon, his father, what things Cendebeus did in (or to) the people of them.

And Simon called his twain elder sons [or his two older sons], Judah and John, and said to them, I, and my brethren, and the house of my father, have overcome the enemies of Israel, from youth till into this day; and it had prosperity in our hands, for to deliver Israel sometimes.

Forsooth now I have elded [or Forsooth now I have olded], but be ye in my stead, and of my brother, and go ye out, and fight for our folk; forsooth (the) help of heaven be with you.

And he chose (out) of the country twenty thousand of fighting men, and horsemen; and they went out to (or against) Cendebeus, and slept in Modin.

And they rose early, and went into the field, and lo! a copious host came into the meeting of them, of footmen and horsemen; and a running flood (or a river) was betwixt the midst of them.

And he and his people moved the battle array [or the tents] (over) against the face of them, (or opposite them), and he saw the people trembling to pass over the stream of water, and he passed over the first; and (the) men saw him, and passed (over) after him.

And he parted the people, and (set the) horsemen in the middle of (the) footmen; forsooth the multitude of (the) horsemen of (the) adversaries was full plenteous.

And they cried on high with (the) holy trumps; and Cendebeus was turned into flight, and his host, and many of them fell wounded; soothly the residues fled into (the) strength (or and the rest fled into the stronghold).

Then Judas, the brother of John, was wounded; forsooth John pursued them, till Cendebeus came to Kedron, which he (had) builded (again).

10 And they fled till to (the) towers, that were in the fields of Azotus, and he burnt them with fire; and there fell of them two thousand of men, and he (re)turned again into Judea in peace.

11 And Ptolemy (or Ptolemeus), the son of Abubus, was ordained duke in the field of Jericho, and [he] had much silver and gold;

12 for he wedded the daughter of the highest priest.

13 And the heart of him was raised (up), and he would wield the country; and he thought guile against Simon and his sons, for to do away them (or to do them away).

14 Forsooth Simon walked by (the) cities that were in the country of Judea, and bare busyness of them (or took care of their needs), and came down into Jericho, he, and Mattathias, his son, and Judas, in the hundred year and seven and seventieth, in the eleventh month; this is the month of Shebat, that is, January-February. [Forsooth Simon walking by cities that were in the country of Judea, and bearing the busyness of them, came down into Jericho, he, and Mattathias, his son, and Judas, in the hundred year and seven and seventieth, in the eleventh month; this is the month of Shebat.]

15 And (Ptolemy) the son of Abubus, received them into a little strength (or into a small stronghold), that is called Docus, with guile, which he (had) builded; and made to them a great feast, and hid men there (or but he had men hidden there).

16 And when Simon was full of drink, and his sons, Ptolemy rose (up) with his men, and took their armours, (or their arms, or weapons), and entered into the feast, and slew him, and his two sons, and some children of him (or some of his servants).

17 And he did a great deceit in Israel, and yielded evils for goods.

18 And Ptolemy wrote these things, and sent to the king, for to send to him an host into help, and he should (or then he would) betake to him the country and (the) cities of them, and (the) tributes.

19 And he sent others into Gazara, for to do away John; and to the tribunes he sent epistles, that they should come to him, and he should give to them silver, and gold, and gifts.

20 And he sent other men [or And he sent others], for to occupy Jerusalem, and the mount of the temple.

21 And some man ran before, and told to John in Gazara, that his father (had) perished, and his brethren, and that he (Ptolemy, hath) sent (orders) that thou also be slain.

22 Forsooth as he heard, he wondered [or he dreaded] greatly; and (so) he caught the men that came to lose (or to destroy) him, and he slew them; for he knew, that they sought for to lose (or to destroy) him.

23 And other things of John’s words, and of his battles, and good virtues, in which he did strongly, and of (the) building of (the) walls, which he fully made, and of things done of (or by) him,

24 lo! these be written in the book of days of his priesthood, since he was made prince of priests after his father.


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