In the twenty-sixth year of Asa king of Judah, Elah the son of Baasha became king over Israel at Tirzah, and reigned two years. His servant (A)Zimri, commander of half his chariots, conspired against him. Now he was at Tirzah drinking himself drunk in the house of Arza, (B)who was over the household at Tirzah. 10 Then Zimri went in and struck him and put him to death in the twenty-seventh year of Asa king of Judah, and became king in his place. 11 It came about when he became king, as soon as he sat on his throne, that (C)he [a]killed all the household of Baasha; he did not leave [b]a single male, neither of his [c]relatives nor of his friends.

12 Thus Zimri destroyed all the household of Baasha, (D)according to the word of the Lord, which He spoke against Baasha through (E)Jehu the prophet, 13 for all the sins of Baasha and the sins of Elah his son, which they sinned and which they made Israel sin, (F)provoking the Lord God of Israel to anger with their [d]idols. 14 (G)Now the rest of the acts of Elah and all that he did, are they not written in the Book of the Chronicles of the Kings of Israel?

15 In the twenty-seventh year of Asa king of Judah, Zimri reigned seven days at Tirzah. Now the people were camped against (H)Gibbethon, which belonged to the Philistines. 16 The people who were camped heard [e]it said, “Zimri has conspired and has also struck down the king.” Therefore all Israel made Omri, the commander of the army, king over Israel that day in the camp. 17 Then Omri and all Israel with him went up from Gibbethon and besieged Tirzah. 18 When Zimri saw that the city was taken, he went into the citadel of the king’s house and burned the king’s house over him with fire, and (I)died, 19 because of his sins which he sinned, doing evil in the sight of the Lord, (J)walking in the way of Jeroboam, and in his sin which he did, making Israel sin.

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  1. 1 Kings 16:11 Lit smote
  2. 1 Kings 16:11 Lit him who urinates against the wall
  3. 1 Kings 16:11 Lit redeemers
  4. 1 Kings 16:13 Lit vanities
  5. 1 Kings 16:16 Lit saying

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