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Learning to Get Along

19 No man has any hold on me, but I have made myself a workman owned by all. I do this so I might lead more people to Christ. 20 I became as a Jew to the Jews so I might lead them to Christ. There are some who live by obeying the Jewish Law. I became as one who lives by obeying the Jewish Law so I might lead them to Christ. 21 There are some who live by not obeying the Jewish law. I became as one who lives by not obeying the Jewish law so I might lead them to Christ. This does not mean that I do not obey God’s Law. I obey the teachings of Christ. 22 Some are weak. I have become weak so I might lead them to Christ. I have become like every person so in every way I might lead some to Christ. 23 Everything I do, I do to get the Good News to men. I want to have a part in this work.

Live a Life That Pleases Christ

24 You know that only one person gets a crown for being in a race even if many people run. You must run so you will win the crown. 25 Everyone who runs in a race does many things so his body will be strong. He does it to get a crown that will soon be worth nothing, but we work for a crown that will last forever. 26 In the same way, I run straight for the place at the end of the race. I fight to win. I do not beat the air. 27 I keep working over my body. I make it obey me. I do this because I am afraid that after I have preached the Good News to others, I myself might be put aside.

The Danger of Worshiping False Gods

10 Christian brothers, I want you to know what happened to our early fathers. They all walked from the country of Egypt under the cloud that showed them the way, and they all passed through the waters of the Red Sea. They were all baptized as they followed Moses in the cloud and in the sea. All of them ate the same holy food. They all drank the same holy drink. They drank from a holy Rock that went along with them. That holy Rock was Christ. Even then most of them did not please God. He destroyed them in the desert.

These things show us something. They teach us not to want things that are bad for us like those people did. We must not worship false gods as some of them did. The Holy Writings tell us, “The people sat down to eat and drink. Then they got up to play.” (A) We must not do sex sins as some of them did. In one day 23,000 died. We must not test the Lord as some of them did. They were destroyed by snakes. 10 We must not complain against God as some of them did. That is why they were destroyed.

11 All these things happened to show us something. They were written to teach us that the end of the world is near. 12 So watch yourself! The person who thinks he can stand against sin had better watch that he does not fall into sin. 13 You have never been tempted to sin in any different way than other people. God is faithful. He will not allow you to be tempted more than you can take. But when you are tempted, He will make a way for you to keep from falling into sin.