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1 Timoty 6 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Da Slave Guys

Everybody dat stay slave awready, dey suppose to figga lidis: gotta get plenny respeck fo dea boss. Den nobody can talk stink bout God an wat us guys teach. Da slave guy dat get one boss dat trus God, dey not suppose to show dea boss ony litto bit respeck jus cuz dey bruddas. Dey suppose to work fo dem mo hard, cuz den dey kokua da guys dat trus God, an dey get love an aloha fo dem. Teach um dis stuff, an tell um fo do um.

Get Peopo Dat Teach Diffren Kine Stuff

If get anybody dat teach diffren kine stuff, an no like take da solid stuff from our Boss Jesus Christ an da stuff we teach bout God, dey get big head an no undastan notting. Dey everytime like make argue an squawk bout wat somebody say. Dat kine stuff make dem like get odda guyʼs stuff fo demself. Dey make beef bout stuff. Dey talk stink. Dey tink bad kine stuff bout everybody. Dey everytime make argue wit da kine guys dat get pilau kine mind. Dey donno wass true no moa. Dey ony like do stuff fo God if dey figga dat goin make um come rich.

No Get Love Fo Money

You know, if we do stuff fo God how he like, an stay good inside, den we goin come rich inside. You know, wen we wen born, we neva bring notting inside da world, an wen we mahke, we no goin take notting outside da world. If we get food an clotheses, az nuff fo us, an we still yet stay good inside. Da peopo dat tink plenny bout come rich, dey goin set demself up fo do bad kine stuff. Dey goin like do plenny stupid an bad kine tings dat goin hurt um. Jalike one guy dat stay drowning, dey goin wipe out real good. 10 You know da main ting why peopo do all kine bad stuffs? Cuz dey love money, az why! Some peopo like get mo money, dass why dey no like trus God no moa. Jalike dey stabbing demself an get plenny stuff fo cry bout.

Wat Timoty Suppose To Do

11 Eh Timoty, you Godʼs guy. Get away from all dat bad kine stuff. Go all out fo do da right ting, fo do wat God like, fo trus God, fo get love an aloha fo everybody, fo hang in dea, an fo make nice to peopo. 12 Go all out fo trus God. Go get da real kine life dat stay to da max foeva. Befo, God wen tell you fo come, an you wen do good job wen you wen tell dat Jesus da Boss in front plenny peopo. 13 God da One dat make everyting live fo real kine. I telling you dis stuff in front him. Jesus Christ wen do good job, dat time he wen tell da trut bout who him in front da governa, Pontius Pilate. An I telling you dis stuff in front Christ too. 14 Do all dis till our Boss Jesus Christ come back. No do notting bad. Dat way nobody can blame you fo notting. 15 God goin bring back Jesus wen he stay ready.

He da God, da One dat stay good inside fo real kine.
    He da ony One dat run everyting.
He da King ova all da odda kings,
    An da Good Boss ova all da odda bosses.
16 He da ony One dat no can mahke.
    He so good, no can come near him,
    Jalike one real strong light you no can look at.
No mo nobody eva see him,
    An no mo nobody can see him fo real kine.
You know, he da God everybody gotta get plenny respeck fo.
    He get all da power foeva! Az it!

17 Tell da peopo dat get plenny money hea inside dis world fo no come high makamaka, an fo no trus all da rich kine stuff dey get. Dey donno how much time all dat rich kine stuff goin stay. Mo betta dey trus God. He give us everyting fo make us stay good inside plenny. 18 Tell da rich peopo fo do good kine stuff, fo do plenny good kine tings fo odda peopo, fo like share dea stuffs, an fo kokua da peopo. 19 If dey stay do good kine stuffs dass importan fo da nex world, den dass jalike dey stay stash plenny good kine stuff fo demself wea God stay. An dat way, dey goin be ready fo wat God like give um bumbye. So den, dey goin get da kine life dass fo real.

20 Eh Timoty, no let nobody change wat me an da odda church leadas wen tell you fo teach. No listen to da junk kine talk dat make like God no stay notting. No make argue wit da peopo dat talk like dey know plenny, but dey bulai. 21 Get some peopo dat tell everybody dey know everyting bout how fo trus God, but dey all jam up how dey trus God. Dass why now dey no trus um.

Eh! I like God do plenny good kine stuff fo you guys.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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